40 Small Kitchen Ideas For Those On A Budget To Make Your Kitchen Desirable

Small Kitchen

When moving into a house or an apartment, you may realize your kitchen space isn’t as big as you wanted it to be. This can be a huge bummer, especially if you love cooking.

There are ways to combat this issue. Certain decorations and color schemes can be used to make the space appear larger than it is.

Benefits of Having a Small Kitchen

Before we get into the ideas for your small kitchen let’s consider why this may be a good thing. For one, a small kitchen won’t require much cleaning.

No one wants to clean a kitchen all day and night after having dinner guests. Another benefit is that you probably shop smarter. You simply don't have room to fit everything in it, so you consider things that you really need versus the things you want.

Top 40 Ideas for Your Small Kitchen

The following ideas are great for those on a budget who don’t want to have to spend a ton of money trying to get their kitchen to look desirable.

Bright Colored Appliances

The brighter the colors of your appliances the better. Just make sure to stay away from dark colored appliances in small kitchens.

bright colored appliances

Silver Cookware

Pots, pans, bowls, and any other kitchenware should be silver or at least a bright color. There’s something about these colors that makes everything look more open.

Silver Cookware

White Cabinets

To stay on a budget try DIY painting if your cabinets aren’t already white. White or light colored cabinets give the room a nice open look.

White Cabinets

Light Colored Flooring

Light browns work well in this area. This small kitchen idea is pretty important. One of the main things you notice about any room is the color of the floor.


Small chairs

Smaller chairs will, of course, fit better in a small space.

Small chairs

Tall Table

Short wide tables just don't go well in small spaces. Instead, use a tall slender table.

Tall Table

Bowls and Containers for Counter Tops

Instead of setting everything on the countertops find bowls and containers for them. The more neat and tidy everything looks the better.

Shelf bows

Hanging Lights

Hanging lights not only bring a beautiful touch to the room but they’ll make the room seem larger as well.

Hanging light

Modernized Appliances

Modernized appliances go great in small kitchens. This is due in part to the fact that modernized machines are smaller than the bulky machines from previous generations.

Modernized appliances

The Right Paint Color

This may be one of the most important small kitchen ideas. The color of the kitchen has a lot to do with how it looks. Dark colors will make the space seem small while light colors give the allusion of openness.


Kitchen Cart on Wheels

Use a moveable kitchen cart for just about anything. These can hold cereal or can be used to serve dinner from.

Small Appliances

If you have a small kitchen, chances are you don't necessarily need large appliances. Instead of a large coffee maker find a personal one. Mini toaster ovens and microwaves work just as well as their larger counterparts.

Small appliances

Storage Should Go On Walls

If you have containers, tables or appliances try to place them right by a wall. This will give you and your visitors more walking space. Do this for any appliance, even if it's on the countertop.


Change the Layout

From time to time look at your kitchen and change the layout. This small kitchen idea will make your kitchen less boring.

Placing tiles on the wall

Glass Cabinets

As you can imagine glass cabinets give the allure of space. The fact that they're see-through makes it seem like the area inside is larger and open.

Glass Cabinet

Splash Bright Colors

Bright colors can pop up throughout the kitchen space. Decorations and even walls can feature colors like light blue, yellow, orange and even pink.

Shelves lighting

DIY Decorations

These save you tons of money. DIY decorations can be found on websites like Pinterest.

Create Balance

Any great kitchen has balance so yours should too. If you use bright colors find a balance. The same rule goes for light or bright colors.

Stainless Steel Appliances

Black and white appliances are pretty dull. Stainless steel is a great small kitchen idea since it opens up the room and makes it look more modernized.

White cabinets

DIY Back Splash

A nice backsplash doesn't have to be expensive. Especially when you can YouTube it and follow along with a tutorial. A backsplash will make your kitchen look much more sophisticated.


The more windows the better. A wide open window shows a view from the outside. This view will make it easier for the kitchen space to seem wide open.

Kitchen window

Use Wall Space

If you can add additional cabinets or find wall hanging organizers that will fit your kitchen you should definitely take advantage. You already don't have much space as it is. Using up wall space will allow you to utilize your space the best you can.

kitchen wall

Dining Bar

Dining bars really aren't too difficult to set up. Find a countertop space and use used chairs from a thrift store or a friend. These chairs should be stools or other tiny chairs that might be used in a bar.

Dining Bar


Nature has a way of making almost any room feel more alive and vibrant. Think of this small kitchen idea as bringing the outside inside.

Plant on the table

Make it Cozy

Most kitchens feel cold and sometimes dense. A cozy kitchen will compensate for lost space.

Avoid Curtains

This small kitchen idea is sure to save you money since you won’t be spending your hard-earned cash on curtains. Curtains tend to make everything seem cluttered.

Use a Theme

Find the perfect theme to make your small kitchen really stand out. It could be seasonal or a style such as country or rustic.

kitchen theme

Add a Rug

Everyone loves a nice cozy rug. Have you ever considered using one in the kitchen? It brings color and a unique touch to the room.

Use Artwork

Find colorful artwork to hang in your kitchen. This is a great small kitchen idea that will bring personality to the room.


Thrift Store Shopping

Finding decorations and used supplies from a thrift store is a great way to save money while on a budget.

Shiny and Transparent

If you can find shiny or transparent accessories or appliances you definitely want to buy those. They will make the room seem transparent which in turn allows the space to seem more open and large.


Try to install more pullouts. This small kitchen idea will save your counter top some space and you'll be able to store extra groceries or accessories in these areas.

Large Fixtures

Large fixtures and decorations take the attention away from the size of the room.

Drawer Organizers

Local department stores will most likely have plastic accessories which can be used to organize your drawers. Remember, organization is key for this small space.

Dramatic Colors

Colors like red and black, blue and green bring enough personality into a room. These colors might just make your guests and you forget how simple and small your kitchen really is.

kitchen interior color

Vertical Storage

Vertical storage can be installed nearly anywhere. A good place to set this is beside a dishwasher.

kitchen pantry vertical storage

Small Kitchen Island

Put a small island in the middle of the kitchen. It will create more space while also making your small kitchen look bigger.

Kitchen Island

Racks and Hooks for Storage

You can find these at your local thrift store or on Amazon. Hooks and Racks can be used to hang pots, pans, and other necessary kitchen equipment.

cups hooks and racks

Storage Space Savers

Optimize the space in your pantry with different tools that will help you cram everything neatly together.

kitchen storage furniture

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are the best small kitchen idea. They’ll save you space and money. You can actually DIY this project and come out with a really great looking wooden shelf.

floating kitchen shelve


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