Bunn Coffee Maker Review – The Fastest Home Coffee Makers In America

Bunn Coffee Maker

Coffee. That perfect pick me up for your mornings. Or afternoons. Or, really, any time of the day.

Coffee has become a staple in our lives. Because we need coffee to help us survive those busy days, weeks, and months.  Since 2012, coffee consumption has increased to over sixty-four percent of the population.  That’s a lot of coffee drinkers.

The increase happened thanks in part to the influx of high-quality, versatile home coffee makers. Now we don’t have to leave our homes to get grade A coffee. Just the push of a button can satiate our caffeine addiction.

Since coffee has become so popular, the in-home coffee maker market is trying to keep up by creating new and improved coffee maker designs. If you like single-cup brewing, there are hundreds of models on sale. If you prefer a more standard coffee maker, you will have to deal with wading through hundreds of different styles and brands.

Shopping for an in-home coffee maker can be a little overwhelming.

With so many in-home coffee makers on the market today, finding the right one for your needs can be a little tricky. You want to make sure you buy the right maker for your needs.

Which Brand Should You Choose? 

Since the 1950’s, the BUNN brand has produced some of the most stylish, high-caliber coffee makers on the market. What makes their coffee makers so unique is the company listens to customer feedback to improve every model. So, they create some of the best coffee makers out there.

The BUNN makes professional grade coffee makers not only for industrial use but in your home kitchen as well. The products they produce are high-grade and high-quality.

The following two coffee makers are two of the top-quality products that BUNN offers. The first is the BUNN NHS Velocity Brew which boasts to be one of the fastest brewing coffee makers for sale today. The second is the multi-functioning, MCU Bunn Single Cup coffee maker.


The BUNN NHS Velocity is the fastest 10-cup home coffee maker on the market today. The coffee maker can brew 10-cups in just 3 minutes. The stainless-steel reservoir allows for more rapid heating. The coffee maker keeps the water reserve hot, so it takes significantly less time to brew.

The minimum advertised brew is four cups at a time, so you know this model is made for a family or even one person who likes coffee. The coffee maker can be set only to brew one cup of coffee, so if you can handle one, that is fine.

The beautiful thing about this model is that with each brew, every cup tastes the same. The carafe of this model is designed in a way to seal off any leaking spots. So, no more coffee stains on your kitchen counter.

Unlike other coffee makers, the BUNN Velocity does not come with programmable features, so you cannot set a timer for the coffee to begin brewing. But in reality, with how fast this coffee maker brews coffee, you don’t have to worry about scheduling the brew time in advance.

A downside of this coffee maker is that it only works well with BUNN coffee filters. If you want to use a different brand, your cup of coffee may suffer. Non-BUNN filters cause grounds and overflowing problems, so try to stick with BUNN approved filters.


  • Fast brew time
  • Coffee brewed at optimal time/temperature
  • Easy-fill tank
  • On-demand hot water


  • Needs BUNN filters
  • Not programmable



Customer Reviews of BUNN NHS Velocity Brew

Customers rave about how quickly this maker brews coffee. Many of them can’t believe that a coffee maker can be so fast and produce such high-quality coffee. Reviewers rate this maker relatively high because it offers great tasting coffee in the fraction of the time.

Reviewers enjoy how the carafe offers a leak-free seal. Many shared that they were tired of their old coffee makers wasting coffee and making a mess. With BUNN’s updated carafe design, you won’t have to worry about losing another drop.

coffee maker at the shop

My Review of the BUNN NHS Velocity Brew

I love coffee. I have to have it all the time, every day, or I am not a very nice person to be around. I am not a morning person who doesn’t help that I mainly work in the mornings. I do enjoy my job, but sometimes I need a little pick me up.

I tend to drink at least two cups of coffee at my home before I go to work, but sometimes that is not enough.

Recently, my employer decided to buy a coffee maker for the kitchen staff. We had a professional grade coffee maker for our customers, but he wanted us to have our own. He knows that a lot of us sometimes need a little break to go outside and drink a cup of coffee before the morning rush.

Last week, my boss brought in a BUNN NHS Velocity Brew. I knew about the BUNN brand, but I was unfamiliar with this model.

We have a reasonably large morning kitchen staff, so I thought that one or two of us probably weren’t going to get any coffee or we would have to wait until the next batch to get one. When a co-worker turned on the machine and got it brewing, I was surprised by how quickly it brewed the coffee.

I was astounded.

I didn’t think a coffee maker could be that fast.

I still was hesitant thinking that since it brews so quickly, it has to have a terrible taste. But I was wrong. The coffee still had that bold, robust flavor that I was looking for.

I was shocked and pleasantly surprised.

The BUNN NHS Velocity Brew is an excellent addition to any large family kitchen or small business. It does what it promises and produces some pretty tasty coffee.

Final Thoughts on the Bunn NHS Velocity Brew

Overall, this is a well-made coffee maker that produces the fastest brewing times on the market. The updated carafe design prevents any unwanted spills, and the stainless-steel water reserve keeps your water hot and ready for whenever you want a cup.

The price tag may throw some off, but if you have a large family of coffee drinkers, this is a great option.

​​​​What is the BUNN My Cafe MCU Single Cup?


The BUNN My Cafe MCU Single Cup is a fun little coffee maker that can brew whatever hot beverage you desire. The MCU uses K-cups, fresh ground, loose leave and tea bags for brewing. If you aren’t a tea or coffee fan, do not fret, because, with the hot water feature, you can make yourself a perfect hot chocolate.

With it’s smart, compact design the product won’t take up too much counter space. The stainless steel exterior gives the product a modern, industrial look so it will fit into any stylish kitchen.

Like other BUNN brands, the design is based on professional grade coffee makers, so you know you are buying a great product.

Using the My Cafe is pretty simple. The device takes only a minute or two to heat up once it has been plugged in. From there, brewing your hot beverage is as simple as pushing a button.

The My Cafe has a simple interface, so it is not difficult to use at all. There are only two buttons on the machine. The Brew Button and the Pulse Button which allows for a slower, controlled burst brew to increase steep time and strengthen the flavor.

The great thing about this product is that you can control how strong or how weak you want your coffee to be. So, if you like to chew your coffee or you like to drink brown water than this maker is a great asset to have in your kitchen.


  • Check Circle
    Fastest brewer on the market


  • Noisy



Customer Reviews of the BUNN My Café MCU Single-Cup

One thing customers swear by is how easy it is to use this machine. They compare the MCU with other brands on the market and share that the MCU is a more straightforward interface and better controls.

People don’t want to deal with bells and whistles. They want coffee as soon and as hot as possible. Customers did share that the MCU brews one of the hottest cups of coffee they have ever had, so drink with caution.

Customers enjoy the versatility of the product as well. Since the device can use K-cups, coffee grounds, or even tea, you’ll be able to make whatever type of hot beverage you like.

Overall, this little guy produces a great cup of coffee.

My Review of the BUNN My Cafe MCU Single-Cup

Let me start by saying, I love this coffee maker. My boyfriend and I bought it over a year ago, and we use it for all of our favorite hot beverages. Like I mentioned before, I work in a kitchen, so I try to buy products that are based on professional kitchen grade appliances.

This was the reason I bought the BUNN My Cafe MCU. I knew it would be a quality product and I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed.

This little guy has been run through the ringer with me rushing to get three or four cups of coffee a day and my boyfriend getting just as many cups of tea. We enjoy the MCU because it brews quickly and easily.

The interface is easy to navigate, and there aren’t too many extra frills that get in the way. I like my coffee makers to be simple, to make me coffee. That’s all I want.

And this one does just that.

I enjoy the control of brewing my coffee to the strength I want. I like my coffee to be strong, and with this device, I can make that happen.

I like how the MCU heats up quickly when I first plug it in. I tend to be grouchy in the morning so the faster I have my coffee the better it is for my boyfriend. The great thing about this product too is that I can use K-Cups or use coffee grounds.

So whatever type of coffee I am in the mood for, the MCU can offer it.

Overall, for the price and the features, the Bunn My Cafe MCU Single-Cup is a versatile machine that provides a damn fine cup of coffee.

Final Thoughts on the Bunn My Cafe MCU Single-Cup

This little coffee maker is one of the most versatile single-cup coffee makers on the market today. It can brew anything from coffee to tea and even make a delicious cup of hot chocolate.

The sleek and compact design provides a modern, professional looking appliance for your kitchen.

This product can produce some of the strongest and hottest cups of coffee you have ever tried.

making coffee espresso

Which BUNN is the Best For Me? 

Looking at the two devices offered gives you a glimpse of the quality coffee makers that BUNN provides.

The BUNN NHS Velocity Brew Coffee Maker is an excellent addition for any large family or even a small business. The fast brewing time allows for more coffee to be produced in the morning, so you know everyone will get a cup.

Even though it produces a lot of coffee that doesn’t mean it loses any of the flavors.

The Bunn My Cafe MCU Single Cup is great for anyone who enjoys a multitude of hot beverages. If you like coffee, tea, or hot chocolate this little machine can give it to you.

The nice, professional look allows for a great appliance for your kitchen.

Either of the choices discussed above would make a great addition to your home or even your business. BUNN provides professional grade products that deliver high-quality, great tasting coffee.


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