Is The Capresso Coffee Maker Worth It: Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

Capresso Capresso Coffee Maker

Capresso is a brand that has mastered coffee making. They’ve created personal coffee makers, traditional coffee makers, bean to carafe makers, and even tea makers.

Their coffee makers are top of the line and use durable materials such as stainless steel when creating the machinery.

These coffee makers are for those who know exactly what they’re looking for. You may even buy one for your workplace break room.

What’s Unique About This Coffee Maker?

Capresso 488.05 Team Pro Plus Coffee Maker, Thermal Carafe, 10 Cup,...
  • FRESH COFFEE: Grinds fresh, whole beans right before brewing for freshest flavor
  • CONICAL BURR GRINDER: Integrated conical burr grinder with removable upper bur
  • CAPACITY: 10-cup thermal carafe, 7 ounce removable bean container

Since Capresso has a few different coffee makers out there let’s take a look at each model. The following Capresso Coffee Maker would go perfectly in a work breakroom or in a household that uses tons of coffee.

This machine is called the Coffee Team PRO. It also comes with a thermos carafe. It’s made from stainless steel on the outside which gives a clean professional look.

You can make up to 10 cups of coffee at one time using this machine. There's a timer and LCD display on the front of the coffee maker as well as a removable water tank.

Our favorite feature is that you can program this machine to make coffee automatically at certain times in the day or night. You can also purchase another version of this coffee maker that has a glass carafe.

Another model is the Ultima Pro. This coffee maker can make two cups of coffee at a time using a dual pump. It features everything as the Team PRO. You’ll also be able to make lattes and cappuccinos.

The Coffee Team GS model is suitable for those who consume an average amount of coffee on a daily basis. This model has a glass carafe, stainless steel design and a flavor function which aims to keep all the flavor inside.

For tea drinkers, you can also purchase the Iced Tea Maker which allows you to put any ingredients into the machine to make the tea of your choice.

Capresso Coffee Maker Pricing

The most expensive Capresso Coffee Maker is the Coffee Team PRO with Thermal Carafe. This machine is designed for large events or workspaces.

The prices are competitive since Capresso is a great brand to purchase a coffee machine from. These models are much more advanced than your every-day coffee maker.

coffee maker at the bar


Capresso as a brand is pretty hard to outdo. They make personal coffee machines as well as a machine for large gatherings and office settings. They also have latte/cappuccino makers and iced tea makers.

Capresso offers about 30 different coffee machine products. Let’s take a look at some of their potential competition.


Most people have heard of this familiar brand rather it is commercials, or they’ve seen these coffee makers at a friend or family’s house.

Keurig makes a variety of different coffee makers and uses small pods to make the coffee in. This makes for a less messy coffee making experience.

This company splits their coffee machines up into commercial, and home coffee makers. Their commercial coffee makers are similar in price to the Capresso coffee maker.

Like Capresso, they also offer the option of purchasing an iced tea maker. They may be Capresso's largest competition.





This company creates a variety of different coffee machines including personal, 10 cup machine, speed brewers, and a thermal machine.

Like Capresso coffee makers this brand creates similar products. Their prices are about the same but Capresso makes larger commercial machines than this brand does.

Capresso also offers iced tea machines, cappuccino and latte machines, unlike Bunn Bx. Think of this company as producing regularly sized coffee makers. Even though they offer the 10-cup option it isn’t nearly as large as Capresso’s largest machine.

Many people will like the thermal carafe that is offered with this brand as well. These carafe’s help to keep the coffee warm after making it.




Ninja is known for making different kitchen appliances such as blenders and juicers. It’s no wonder they decided to expand and create coffee machines as well.

When this company creates something, it’s bound to be unique with tons of cool features. Their coffee bar costs $199. The carafe can hold ten cups of coffee. It comes with an assortment of different accessories and supplies as well.

You get a regular sized cup, XL cup, travel mug, and a multi-serve container. This coffee bars can create different recipes such as cappuccinos, lattes and much more. You can also customize the flavor of the coffee.

This is ideal for the home setting. It’s also for coffee makers who love to switch it up every now and then.




This company produces coffee makers and accessories with their products. The 9-Cup Barista is medium-sized and can make any kind of coffee. For this machine, you’ll want to purchase ground coffee.

It also has a digital timer to let you know what time it is, and for showing when the coffee is done. The carafe only comes in thermal rather than glass.

Consumers can also buy tea kettles from this retailer as well. Some of their other coffee makers are the 8-Cup Brew, Cold Coffee Maker, and Coffee Grinder with a scale.

The only things this company is missing is the specialty coffee option and a large scale commercial coffee maker.




This company focuses on producing a variety of multi-cup coffee makers. They range from 5 cups to 8 cups and have many different designs and features.

With these products, you can purchase a glass carafe or a thermal one. They also sell tea kettles as well. They're made from stainless steel and have prices comparable to the Capresso Coffee Maker.

Their coffee makers are pretty simple and basic to use for those who don’t want to deal with complex intricate settings.

You won’t be able to make specialty drinks with this machine, but you can make many classic cups of coffee rather at home or in the workplace.




Technivorm Coffee Makers are futuristic and large. Their designs are incomparable which is why they cost more than most coffee makers on the market. You can find this product for about $348.

The ideal use of this coffee maker is somewhere like a breakroom in your workplace or a college lunchroom.

A glass carafe is available instead of a thermal one which is a downside for some consumers who would like to keep the coffee warm as long as possible.

One major benefit of using this coffee maker is the 5-year warranty. Since it costs more than most brands it makes sense that it would be backed by a longer warranty. Think of this coffee maker as an investment.

Even though the coffee carafe is glass there’s a heated flooring under the carafe which can keep the coffee warm while waiting. This is a feature that is unique only to this brand.



Comparison Table





Capresso Coffee Maker






Bunn Bx

Out of stock


Ninja Coffee Bar



Oxo 9 Cup Barista



Bonavita Coffee Makers



Technivorm Coffee Maker


What Accessories Does Capresso Offer?

Capresso sells a variety of different coffee-making accessories including their own brand of coffee. You can purchase their East Coast or West Coast blend of coffee or their hot chocolate maker.

They also have any parts you may need for the products bought from them. If you break a product or need to replace one, it won’t be difficult to find it on their website.

Cleaning a Coffee Maker

It is so important to clean out a coffee maker after each use to fight germs and mold. All it takes is one time to forget to clean it and you may end up with a tough time getting rid of mold.

When cleaning your coffee maker, all the parts should be taken out and soaked. Make sure to dump any access coffee grinds in the trash. Old coffee will also ruin the taste of the new batch. Ideally, you should cleanse the machine at least once a month to prevent dirt and grime.

If you add vinegar to the water when cleaning out the coffee maker, it will be easier to get clean. Vinegar gets all the old coffee grinds cleared out of the machine.

Since Capresso Coffee makers may be used for commercial use, you can always brew the vinegar and water so that all the parts of the machine are washed thoroughly.

After doing this make sure to brew pure water twice through the machine. You probably won’t want your coffee tasting like vinegar.

woman making coffee

Public Perception

Capresso can be purchased through Target and other department stores. You always have the option of going right to the retailer as well.

On average, these coffee makers receive 4/5-star reviews across the board. Consumers say this is the perfect coffee maker for beginners. It's very simple to learn how to use.

Some complaints include broken pieces and the fact that this coffee machine won’t last very long. One consumer reports that after 4 years it simply wouldn’t start back up again.

What We Think

We recommend the Capresso Coffee Makers, especially for commercial use. The truth is that you won’t find many commercial coffee makers with this quality.

This company has over 10 different coffee makers models to choose from. Each one is tailored to fit the needs of a specific consumer.

Their prices are reasonable for the products that they sell. We also like the fact that this company has their own line of coffee beans. This shows their credibility and innovation.

Unlike other brands, Capresso sells tons of coffee related products. They have a range of accessories and pieces that can accompany their machines. This company is dedicated completely to coffee which means they know what they're doing.

Now, it’s up to you to decide if this brand is something you would invest in. Happy shopping.


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