Master Forge Charcoal Grill Reviews

Master Forge Charcoal Grill

Is there anything better than grilling in the great outdoors, especially during the summer months?

Imagine burgers, steaks, ribs, and more that have all been cooked to perfection. Well, believe it or not, you can have all of that and then some. All you need is the right grill.

One grill that we can recommend highly is the Master Forge charcoal grill. And, though we do like it a lot, we’re the first to admit it’s not perfect. Here, we’ll provide you with a detailed review of this grill and its pros and cons, all to help you decide whether or not it’s the right fit for you.


  • You’ll Enjoy Solid Joints
  • You Can Adjust the Charcoal Bed
  • It’s Super Easy to Add More Charcoal
  • The Cover is Strongly Attached
  • It Has a Great Bottle Opener  
  • It is Very Affordable
  • You Do Not Need Lighter Fluid
  • The Grill Grates are Porcelain Coated
  • You’ll Enjoy Super Easy Assembly
  • The Lid Comes with a Great Handle
  • There’s a Nice Warming Rack
  • There are Holders for Your Tools and Accessories


  • The Grill is a Little Bit on the Flimsy Side
  • The Owner’s Manual Leaves a Lot to Be Desired
  • The Dampers and Vents Could Line Up Better
  • You’re Dealing with a Relatively Unknown Brand
  • The Ash Tray Fills Quickly

Pro: You’ll Enjoy Solid Joints

Even though, overall, the construction of the Master Forge charcoal grill isn’t as strong as we might like, the basic construction is pretty solid.

For one thing, you’ll enjoy solid joints that hold the grill together pretty well. So while, yes, it might tip over on you if you’re too rough with it or if the wind gets bad, it’s not going to break apart on you either.

Master Forge charcoal grill

Pro: You Can Adjust The Charcoal Bed

Something else that we really like about this grill is the fact that you can adjust the charcoal bed as needed.

That’s actually not a feature that is very common among more affordable grills like these. You typically only get this option with very expensive grills, so it’s definitely nice to have.

When you have an adjustable charcoal bed, you also have the ability to control your cooking better. So, if you want precise cooking every single time, then this is certainly the grill for you.

Pro: It’s Super Easy To Add More Charcoal 

Not only is the adjustable charcoal bed nice, but we also really like the fact that this grill features a handy front door. Yes, a real front door that you can open and use to easily add or remove charcoal as needed.

This feature makes the grill so much easier to use than many other charcoal grills on the market. It’s especially nice for people who are new to grilling and may need to go through some trial and error to find the perfect ratio of charcoal for what they’re grilling.

No more lifting up a heavy lid and the grill itself to add or remove charcoal. Just pop open the door and add or remove as needed. What could be easier?

Pro: The Cover Is Strongly Attached 

Something else that we really like about the Master Forge charcoal grill is the fact that the cover is securely attached.

Unfortunately, a lot of grills are a big pain in terms of the cover. It will fall off and land with a big thud. And then, you have to be really careful every time you open and close it to prevent the same problem from happening over and over again.

With this grill, you’ll never have to worry about fussing and fighting with the cover. It is securely attached, and it should stay that way for as long as you have the grill.

Master Forge charcoal grill

Pro: It Has A Great Bottle Opener  

Does anything go better with grilling than an ice-cold beer? Yeah, we didn’t think so.

Fortunately, the makers of the Master Forge charcoal grill seem to know this, so they’ve added a mounted bottle opener right to the side of the grill.

So, as you flip burgers or sear steaks, you can also crack open a cold one and really settle into relaxation mode. And, really, isn’t that what grilling is all about?

Pro: It Is Very Affordable 

As is the case with most items these days, you can buy this grill from a variety of places, both online and in person.

While it was originally a Lowe’s exclusive, many sellers are now offering it, especially online.

Because there are a lot of different buying options, the pricing does vary depending on where you buy. However, in most cases, you can get this grill for just under $200. And, if you know anything about grills, that is definitely on the cheap side.

No, this grill might not have a lot of fancy “bells and whistles,” but it gets the job done for you, and really, at this price, could you want anything more?

Pro: You Do Not Need Lighter Fluid

If you’ve cooked on grills before, then you know that lighter fluid is generally a necessity for getting your coals lit. You probably also know that lighter fluid can be a pain to use (and sometimes even dangerous). Plus, it can get expensive fast.

Amazingly enough, this grill gets rid of all of these problems. It actually features a unique “jet light” system. Thanks to that system, you don’t have to use lighter fluid. Your coals will light all on their own with just a little spark from you. What could be easier or more convenient?

Pro: The Grill Grates Are Porcelain Coated

Perhaps one of our favorite features of the Master Forge charcoal grill is the fact that the grates are coated in porcelain.

The porcelain coating allows for super easy clean-up since nothing gets grilled or burnt onto the grates.

Plus, the porcelain holds up really nicely, so your grill grates should look awesome and last you for several summers to come. In fact, the grates will probably end up lasting you longer than the grill itself. They are really that well made.

Master Forge charcoal grill

Pro: You’ll Enjoy Super Easy Assembly

There is nothing worse than buying a grill, being excited about it, and then realizing that it’s an absolute beast to put together.

Fortunately, that won’t happen to you with this grill.

It comes in just a few pieces instead of a “million” like some other grills. Plus, the instructions for assembly are very easy to understand and follow, even if you’re not usually good at putting things together.

You should be able to get this thing put together in just a few minutes and without a lot of hassle. In fact, you’ll probably be able to fire it up the very day you bring it home. Assembly is really that easy.

Pro: The Lid Comes With A Great Handle

Most of us, at one time or another, have had to struggle with opening the heavy, unwieldly lids that you’ll typically find on grills.

However, that is not the case with the Masterforge charcoal grill. This grill actually comes with a nice handle attached to the lid.

The handle is strong, sturdy, and solid, making it super easy to lift, open, and close the grill lid. The handle won’t come detached- more common than you might think- like it does with other models either. It’s definitely a nice little feature on a nice little grill.

Pro: There’s A Nice Warming Rack

This grill is one that comes complete with plenty of great features.

One feature that we really like is the warming rack. If you’ve made up a big plate of burgers and still have hot dogs to go, don’t worry. You can use the warming rack to keep food warm while you prepare other food or while you get the table set.

The warming rack is also good for warming buns and side dishes too. It helps with making sure your entire meal is delicious from the first bite to the last.

Pro: There Are Holders For Your Tools And Accessories

We already mentioned how this grill has plenty of great features. One other one that we really like is the holders on the side.

These holders are ideal for giving you a place to securely put your spoons, tongs, and other accessories.

Grilling can be impossible and even a little unsanitary if you don’t have a good place to put things. Fortunately, these side holders take care of everything for you.

We know this grill isn’t perfect. And, yes, we’d definitely like it to be a little bit tougher and more durable. However, overall, we think it’s a pretty good grill, especially for the price.

However, the choice is yours to make. We encourage you to read our review, do a little research of your own, and maybe even check out the grill in person if you can. By following these helpful tips, you can make an informed decision about whether or not this is the grill you want to bring home.

Con: The Grill Is A Little Bit On The Flimsy Side 

We hate to start on a negative note, but we have to be honest. The first thing many people notice about this grill, unfortunately, is that it is a little on the flimsy side.

We’re not talking about horrible construction or anything, but it is fairly lightweight. You could tip it over without too much effort on your part.

So, if you are looking for a grill that will last forever and that can stand up to even the toughest weather conditions, this probably isn’t it. If you want an affordable grill you can get a few good years of use out of, however, this grill is still a good option.

Con: The Owner’s Manual Leaves A Lot To Be Desired 

While the owner’s manual is certainly not the most important part of a grill (not by a longshot), we were a little disappointed with the lack of information contained in this grill’s manual.

For one thing, it doesn’t have cooking instructions. So, you really have to just do some guesswork on how to use it to cook different types of meat or other foods.

Fortunately, there is plenty of information available online, but still, it would be nice if the manufacturers had put a little more thought into this grill’s manual and made it a little more beginner friendly.

Con: The Dampers And Vents Could Line Up Better

One complaint that we have about the Master Forge charcoal grill is that, on some models, the dampers and the vents do not line up as perfectly as they could.

Because of that fact, these faulty models have some issues with correctly controlling air and heat.

Our suggestion is to try and buy your grill in person when possible. That way, you can ensure that the grill you get is well-made and doesn’t have this option.

If you’re not buying in person, make sure you get a grill that comes with a good warranty. That way, if you do happen to get stuck with a faulty model, you can return it for a replacement at no charge to you.

This issue isn’t on most of the grills, though, so don’t panic or just assume you’ll get a faulty one. Just know that there is a slight risk of that happening.

Con: You’re Dealing With A Relatively Unknown Brand

While plenty of people have reported being happy with their Master Forge charcoal grill and while there is a lot to appreciate about this grill, we do have to admit that it’s made by a lesser known brand.

Master Forge hasn’t really been around all that long and hasn’t had time to build a big “name” or reputation in the grilling industry.

Because of that, you are taking a bit of a gamble when you buy this grill. However, we think it’s worth a shot, especially since there are so many mostly positive reviews floating around about the grill.

Con: The Ash Tray Fills Quickly

One other issue that we have with the grill is the fact that the ash tray fills up super quickly.

Sure, it’s nice to have an ash tray to collect ashes and debris while you cook. However, the fact that this one doesn’t have great capacity and has to be emptied after pretty much every single use can be a bit of a pain.

The ash tray and its poor capacity is probably not going to be a deal breaker for most people. However, it is something to be aware of before you buy. That way, you won’t end up disappointed.


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