Bella Air 2.6 Qt. Fryer Review – Is It Stylish And High Quality?

Bella Air 2.6 Qt. Fryer

The No products found. is a high-quality and high style product offered by the Bella Housewares brand. The Bella Houseware company provides stylish, affordable kitchen appliances to keep your kitchen fashionable yet functional.

The company produces products that help create delicious, healthy meals for you and your family for half the time and half the fuss. Which, in turn, gives you more time with your family and less time in the kitchen.

Since 2007, Bella Housewares has lead the market in modern, sleek kitchen appliances. The brand focuses on the contemporary chef who doesn’t want to spend hours in the kitchen. Their brand ambassador, Chef Jason Roberts, is a New Zealand based chef known for his culinary talents. Chef Roberts promotes the Bella brand and uses their products in his kitchen. So, you know that with Bella, you are getting a top-quality product.

The Bella Air 2.6 Qt. is no exception. It lives up to the reputation and offers a wide array of features that is an excellent addition to your cooking needs.


What is the Bella Air 2.6 Fryer?

What are some of the features of the Bella Air Fryer? 

What makes the Bella Air Fryer so Unique?

How much does the Bella 2.6 Air Fryer Cost? 

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How Does the Bella Air Fryer Compare to Traditional Fryers?


The Bella Air Fryer uses little to no oil, so there is not a danger of the product overheating and smoking. Traditional fryers can overheat causing smoke to fill your kitchen and your home. Using oil to cook, especially in such a large quantity needed for a conventional fryer, is a health hazard.

Not only can the oil cause fires, it also adds more calories to your food. The Bella Air Fryer removes up to 60% of calories of fat from your fried foods. So, with Bella, you are not only preventing dangers in your kitchen but dangers to your health.

Ease of Use

The Bella Fryer uses automatic cooking controls that allow for a faster and easier cooking experience. The 60-minute timer and adjustable thermostat lets you have more control over the cooking functions.

Traditional fryers do not offer the same type of control over your cooking. Many do come with adjustable thermostats, but since cooking is done by using oil, the food can become over or undercooked. Babysitting a fryer is not something anyone wants to do.


The Bella Air Fryer is a 5 in 1 kitchen appliance that takes up less counter space and yet provides the same functionality of numerous kitchen gadgets. You can quickly switch between each function easily. Since the Bella comes with a clear instruction manual and recipe guide, you’ll be a master at using the Bella in no time.

Traditional fryers do only one thing. Fry food. Unlike the Bella Air Fryer, they do not come with the same variety of features, and they usually take up more counter space. A lot of traditional fryers on the market have a cumbersome design and tend to create an eyesore on your kitchen countertops.


Traditional fryers need a lot of oil to work which can cause a lot of unwanted messes in your kitchen. Using traditional fryers can create an unwanted layer of oil on your kitchen counter causing a slippery texture and a terrible smell.

With the Bella Air Fryer, you don’t have to worry about that. The cooking remains in the tray and no oil can escape since little to no oil is used in the cooking process.

Which is better? Traditional Fryer or the Bella Air Fryer? 

Overall, the Bella Air Fryer is the best choice for those looking for a simple, efficient way to fry foods. The functionality and ease of use offer a great addition to your kitchen gadget collection. Using the Bella Air provides a healthier and cleaner option to traditional fryers.

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My Review of the Bella Air Fryer

I love to cook. I even do it professionally. I've been working in kitchens off and on for the past three years, so even when I am not at work, I want to cook, especially fried foods.

My love for cooking grew out of watching my mother deep fry chicken on the stove when I was little. She would let me watch, but from a distance, because she knew there was a danger of oil popping out from the pan.

I loved watching her cook, but I hated the mess and the smell oil brought into the kitchen. Unfortunately for me, I work in a kitchen, so I cannot escape the lingering smell of burnt oil or the occasional oil pop from the fryer.

I have to deal with cooking with oil all day at work, so I wanted something safer, something healthier.

I am what one would call a cautious shopper. I tend to watch videos, read reviews, and speak to friends who have a particular product. Looking through customer reviews, I noticed that almost all of the reviewers shared how the Bella Air Fryer provided the same great crispy crunch as traditional fryers. I was surprised because I did not know that a product could give the same texture as a conventional fryer.

What I found most interesting about the product was the overall style and design. I take pride in the decor of my kitchen. I like people to walk in and see a clean, tidy space. I have little to no counter space, so everything I buy has to fit. The Bella Air Fryer fit perfectly in my kitchen. The modern design and dimensions added an excellent quality to the overall feel of my kitchen.

The first time I tried the air fryer, I did not think it would live up to the hype. I knew customers said it did provide crunchy, crispy, golden fried foods, but I was doubtful. I had bought products in the past that promised a lot but did not follow through.

I live on a budget so wasting money on a product that doesn’t deliver isn’t something I like to do.

I am happy to say that the Bella Air Fryer delivers everything it promises.

Not only was it easy and straightforward to get the fryer started, but the food was also crispy! I made a batch of chicken nuggets to try it out, and when they came out, they were crunchy and golden brown.

What I enjoyed most was the taste. I did not believe that the food could taste as good as foods fried in a traditional fryer, but I was very wrong. I did not realize how much oil can affect the taste of food until I used the Bella Air. The food did not feel heavy in my stomach, and I did not get sluggish after eating. Usually, after eating fried foods, I feel tired, but not with the Bella Air Fryer.

I am a messy cook, but with the Bella Air Fryer, there was little to no mess. The stainless-steel frying tray was easy to remove and clean. I just popped it in the dishwasher, and then it was good as new.

I've fried with oil for years, and now after using the Bella Air Fryer, I don't think I want to go back ever again.

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The Final Word on the Bella Air 2.6 Qt. Fryer

The Bella Air Fryer does what it promises. Believe me. I no longer feel guilty about eating fried foods because I know that with the oil-less frying capability, I am eating fewer calories and less fat. Even with less fat and calories, the food still tastes delicious.

The ease of use offers you freedom from spending hours in the kitchen, wasting away. The 60-minute timer lets you know that the fryer will not overheat or cause any damage to your home. When I was doing chores around my house, I did not even have to worry about checking the Bella Air Fryer, because I knew it could handle it.

Overall, the Bella 2.6 Qt. Air Fryer is an excellent addition to any modern kitchen. The functionality, features, ease of use and price let you know that you are buying a high-quality and high-performing product.


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