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West Bend Slow Cooker Review – A Must Have In Your Kitchen

West Bend Slow Cooker

West Bend Slow Cooker Reviews

Has your dinner ever cooked itself while you were on your way home from work? When was the last time you walked into a clean kitchen with dinner hot and ready? These things are not only possible, they’re at your fingertips. They’re just a slow cooker away!

You may think that there is nothing missing from your well-considered kitchen, but if you day dream about coming home to dinner waiting for you, you’ll benefit from adding a West Bend slow cooker to your kitchen options. Owning a slow cooker is like having an extra hour in the day. To yourself.

Appliance Overload

The market is flooded with cooking appliances for every purpose. Specialty appliances fill our countertops and cupboards. Which ones do we really need? Which ones are well made? In a time of serious market saturation, appliances that perform more than one task are more useful and better purchases.

You’ve decided to buy a slow cooker.

How are the various models different? Which makers can you trust? Do you need yet another specialty appliance? In this case, yes. Yes, you do. You are going to love the West Bend Slow Cooker line. They are more than just slow cookers.

The West Bend slow cooker will help you save time, save space, have a cleaner kitchen, and they make cooking dinner easier. Imagine cooking dinner when you’re not even at home! It is easier than you think.

West Bend 84905 Oblong Versatility Cooker, 5-Quart, Silver...
  • Adjustable temperature control (5 settings)
  • 5-Quart nonstick versatility cooker
  • Light duty nonstick griddle. 210 Watts, 120 volts, AC only

So You Think You Know Slow Cooking?

No offense, but guess what? You probably don’t know what a slow cooker is. It is not a crock pot. It is much more than a crock pot. While a crock pot is a type of slow cooker, the full range of slow cookers includes a variety of cooking tools.

The West Bend slow cooker is much more than an appliance that merely cooks food slowly. It is also a griddle, it is a food warmer, it is a new steel pot for your range. It is dinner party necessity, it is a weekend morning go-to. West Bend slow cookers have a few tricks up their metal sleeves.

Most West Bend slow cooker models are also easy-to-clean, dishwasher safe, food storage safe and freezer safe. Some are even programmable. They are one-pot-cooks-all kitchen miracles!

Prepare to Have Your Mind Blown!

There are (5) different West Bend slow cookers to choose from. One of those is technically an “electric heating oven” and one is technically a pressure cooker, and the remaining (3) are classic slow cookers. All of these fall into the “slow cooker” appliance genre.

I know what you’re thinking. “What on earth is an electric heating oven?” I’m glad you asked!

You already know. You probably call it a “crock pot.” Don’t worry, you’re not wrong! An electric heating oven is a cooking device where the pot (usually ceramic) is set into a heating element so that the dish is heated on all sides. Most of these just get called a “crock pot” after the well-known brand name -- just like calling a paper tissue a “kleenex,” or all sodas “coke.” It’s just a thing we do here in America.

A slow cooker is a device where the pot (usually metal) is placed on top of a separate heating element.

Here’s where things get interesting. You can cook on that heating element separately, without the pot! You don’t even have to cook slow. You can make pancakes, heat tortillas, toast bread, braise meat, the list goes on. West Bend helps you out by including many recipes in the box when you buy one of their slow cookers.

West Bend 84905 Oblong Versatility Cooker, 5-Quart, Silver...

Top 3 feature of a West Bend Slow Cooker

  • Versatile -- multiple devices in one.
  • Time and Space saver!
  • Easy to transport.

Details on Versatility

All West Bend slow cookers come with five parts. The hot plate. The metal pot. The glass lid. A travel lid. An insulated carry tote.

The keys to the versatility lie in the first 3 parts listed there. The hot plate can be used in the traditional set-up -- in tandem with the pot, cooking any of the many different dishes that are possible with a slow cooker. You can make hot beverages like hot chocolate or mulled punch, slow cooker breads, even dried fruits! The traditional set up is also best for soups, curries, and sauces. You can even steam rice and make dumplings or oatmeal.

The hot plate is in fact a small-duty griddle. You can cook pancakes, braise meats before roasting, melt grilled cheese or quesadillas.

The beauty of all this versatility is that you’ve only used one pot and one heating element. That means just one pot to clean. Remember, it’s a non-stick pot. Clean up is a cinch.

I could go on, but here’s just one last point -- the pot is a durable, multi-use kitchen pot. You can cook with it like any other pot. You can use it on the stove top, in the oven, or for food storage in the freezer or the fridge. It isn’t just a kitchen appliance, it’s cookware, and a to-go container perfect for taking and warming food at gatherings!

Saving Space One Appliance at a Time!

How many cabinets are devoted to appliances at your house? How many appliances just sit out on the counter, taking up precious space? When you get ready to cook, do you have to spend 15 minutes clearing space just to cut meat or vegetables?

Since the slow cooker is a pot and griddle in one, you can trade it out for your existing griddle, and any pot that’s not up to snuff any more.

That’s not the only way to save space. Since you cook the entire meal in one pot, you won’t be using multiple pots to make dinner. Just one pot to manage, one pot to clean. That translates to more time with your family.

So does using the slow cooker to make dinner ahead of time.

When you set the slow cooker to roast meat or slow cook a stew, it does the work while you occupy yourself with other activities. It cooks while you clean, it cooks while you go for a walk, it cooks while you help your kids with their homework or take care of bath time.

Never Worry About Spilling in the Back Seat!

Isn’t bringing food to a potluck or family gathering always a bit worrisome? It complicates the cooking process and the drive there.

You’ve got to time when you finish cooking with the start of the party, with getting your kids ready, and with getting ready yourself. Plus. you’ve got to carry the food somehow. How big of a tupperware container DO you have? Do you want to serve the dish in tupperware too?

The West Bend slow cooker is prepared to make this easy. It’s built to make it easy!

Two important innovations are included -- the travel lid and the insulated tote. The travel lid locks into place, so you don’t have to worry that the whole dish spilled all over the back seat because someone cut you off in traffic. The plastic stays cool handles make the dish easy to place in the tote, and then there’s the tote itself. The slow cooker zips into the tote and will hold temperature well until serving time.

You can choose to bring the hot plate to keep it warm longer, use it to reheat the dish, or leave it at home and just use the tote for transport.

Whatever combination you choose, it will be easy and secure to move, easy to keep warm or reheat, and easy for you to clean and put up. Beyond that, five-quart and six-quart West Bend pots hold a lot of food.

West Bend 84905 Oblong Versatility Cooker, 5-Quart, Silver...

5 Reasons to buy a West Bend Slow Cooker

  • It’s more than just a crock pot. It’s a hot plate, a griddle, a to-go box, a hotel warmer, and food storage.
  • The slow cooker will save you time.
  • It is so easy to clean -- both the griddle and the pot are non-stick and can be cleaned in the sink or dishwasher.
  • check
    You can cook anything! West Bend includes 100+ recipes in the box, from soup to bread to meat.
  • check
    It is made in America, by a company that’s been making products here for over 100 years.

​Made in the Heartland

The West Bend line of cooking appliances is well-known, well-respected, and time-tested. They take their name from the namesake city in which the company began: West Bend, Wisconsin, in 1911. Although the company has changed hands over the years, West Bend appliances are manufactured to this day in West Bend and Kewaskum, Wisconsin. For over 100 years, West Bend appliances have been designed and built in America.


What are the drawbacks to the West Bend slow cooker? Honestly, there are only a few. The devices look good, they’re durable, and customer service at West Bend is known to be helpful and responsive. What’s not to love?

The griddle is a bit small, depending on what you’re making. Five and six quarts is a good sized dish, enough to make a meal that serves 4-6 easily. The pot is plenty big. But the griddle itself can only cook 3-4 pancakes or tortillas at a time. You could fry 5-6 eggs at once. If you’re good at setting things aside to keep warm, this won’t be a deterrent, but if you prefer to cook 6 pancakes at once, you might continue to use your griddle for that particular dish.

Back to Basics - Specs and the Full Line of West Bend Cookware

​Not Just a Crock for Beans Anymore

Now that we are all on the same page about what we’re looking at, let’s discuss the details of what West Bend offers.

West Bend makes a classic crock-pot style electric slow cooker. This the classic slow cooker. The same device that was originally marketed and sold as a bean cooker. Today it does so much more. If you are looking for a classic, single-pot, ceramic slow cooker, this will do precisely the trick.

The West Bend version is oval, with a brushed stainless-steel exterior and jet-black ceramic crock insert. The pot is pretty and glazed on all sides and can be used as a serving dish on its own.

The crock is dishwasher-safe and has a large 6-quart capacity. The temperature is controlled with a dial that can be set to three temperature settings -- warm, low and high.

​True Slow Cooking

The true slow cookers range in size and programmability. All come with a hot plate, metal pot and glass lid. They also come with a travel lid and a thermal carrying case for safe transportation. West Bend slow cookers come in 5-quart and 6-quart versions.

The slow cookers are oblong, oven-safe, stovetop-safe, and can be placed in both the freezer and the refrigerator. They double as safe food storage! Do you already have a 6-quart tupperware container? They are hard to come by!

You control the temperature with a dial that ranges again from a keep warm setting, which will keep your dish at a safe serving temperature, to a high setting for faster cooking times. The settings are warm, low, medium, high, griddle. The interior of the pot is a non-stick surface, guaranteeing easy cleanup, regardless of what you make.

West Bend makes a brushed metal, a red and a blue version of the slow cooker. All come with a dark grey thermal carrying case -- it’s as easy to carry as a tote bag.

A Deluxe, Versatile Version

West Bend rounds out their slow cooker offerings with a Deluxe Versatility Cooker.

West Bend 84915R Versatility Cooker with Insulated Tote and Transport...
  • Adjustable temperature control (5 settings)
  • 5-Quart nonstick versatility cooker
  • Light duty nonstick griddle

This version features all the options of the slow cooker, all the versatility of uses, it can be programmed, and it comes with a removable roasting rack that inserts in the pot to make handling tender roasts much easier.

The Deluxe Versatility Cooker has a 6-quart capacity and the timer can be set for up to 19 hours 55 minutes for ultra-slow roasted meals.

​Under Pressure and Capable of Anything!

The final offering in the West Bend slow cooker line is the West Bend 6-quart Electric Pressure Cooker. This device redefines versatility.

West Bend 82011 Stainless Pressure Cooker Multicooker Also Slow Cooks...
  • 6-quart round cooking pot with non-stick interior and exterior
  • Multifunctional with adjustable setting controls
  • 7 built in safety features with cool touch locking lid and pressure release dial

Also built in are a number of easy safety measures, which make using the pressure cooker safer, and more inviting. This device will cook, steam, make rice, boil pasta, cook meats. The pressure cooker is an ingenious device that locks in heat and steam and speeds up cooking time on traditionally slow-cooked recipes.

West Bend 84905 Oblong Versatility Cooker, 5-Quart, Silver...

Cooking Slow - Yet Saving Time

Whichever West Bend slow cooker you choose, you will gain immediate time-saving benefits. You’ll gain not only a kitchen appliance, but ease of transport, and a wide array of new and easy dinner ideas.

Imagine the party trick when you pull a hot dish and warmer out of bag at the next social gathering. Equip yourself with a West Bend slow cooker and start to make plans with your free time and clean kitchen.

A slow cooker will breathe new life into dinner!

Probate Attorney Fees : Why You Need a Probate Attorney?

Probate Attorney signing

What Are Probate Attorney Fees?

When a will is in “probate,” it means the law is determining how legal and enforceable a will is.

Just because something is in a will, doesn’t mean it has to happen, or even that it can happen. That’s the duty of the executor and the probate attorney to figure out.

But how much does a probate attorney cost?

Unfortunately, that’s a bit of a complicated question, because a probate attorney can and does perform a wide variety of functions. They can have only a small duty, or they may be around before, during, and after the will is created and then executed.

First, let’s get into the function of a probate attorney, and why you need one.

What is a Probate Attorney?

If you’re not familiar with the term, “probate” is the process of the official proving of the will, of establishing validity and legality.

Though they can often be confused a will’s executor is not the same as a probate attorney. An executor is usually named by the decedent (the dead person) in the will and is most often a family member. It’s their job to make sure the terms of the will are being carried out and that everything is going where it’s supposed to go.

A probate attorney, on the other hand, is more the legal arm of the executor. It’s their job to aid the executor in navigating the legal morass that is the complicated post-life of the recently deceased.

You may have also heard the term “estate attorney,” “probate lawyer,” or an “estate lawyer,” but they’re all the same thing and perform the same function.

They help the executor (or administrator) through every step of the probate process. Often the probate process is a simple, if sometimes long, affair, handled without too much trouble. However, when contestations, mental health issues, and legal enforceability problems come up, you’ll be extremely glad you hired that probate attorney to guide you through.

Men shake hands

A Probate Attorney Before Death

One of the most useful jobs to hire a probate attorney for is before you or your loved one (or your client) die.

A probate attorney can help you or your loved one draw up a will. They can assure that all legal procedures are properly followed, that all terms of the will are normal and enforceable, and that there are redundancies in place in case a chosen executor has themselves passed away or is unable to perform their duties when the time comes.

Prices and fees may vary depending on local laws, the complexity of the will, and the size of the estate. However, you can generally have a lawyer write up a will for a flat fee. This can change drastically, but a simple will from a not-terribly-busy lawyer could cost as low as $400, though prices between $800-$1200 are not uncommon.

Some lawyers even offer full estate planning, including living wills, advance directives, last will and testaments, living trusts, and giving power of attorney to likely executors or other important or necessary persons.

Those packages obviously cost more but may save you and your family a lot of grief in the long run if you’re estate and/or will are complex.

Hiring a Probate Attorney to Help the Executor

The truth is, most wills (and the estates they handle) aren’t large or complex enough to really need a probate attorney.

However, there are a few good reasons for hiring a probate attorney when it’s time to execute a will.

Reason 1: You are the executor and, due to either being swamped with responsibility or grief, you feel you may need some assistance in this complicated matter.

Reason 2: The will is complicated, or the estate is very large, encompassing investments, rental properties, alternate sources of income, oversees account, partial shares in companies, etc. These kinds of situations are exactly what a probate attorney is for.

Reason 3: You believe beneficiaries of the will (or people who didn’t end up being beneficiaries) are going to contest the will in some way or attempt to render the will null and void due to mental illness or a deficient state to make decisions by the decedent. In this more adversarial probate process, a probate attorney is 100% necessary and could pull your bacon out of the fire.

Obviously, the fee for such actions can change based off the length of the probate process, number of claims, size of the estate, and the like.

Generally, the fees of probate attorney come out of the estate, rather than from the executor of the will.

These fees include things like appraisals, accounting, court fees, publication of notice, personal representative, and recording deeds. These fees are usually charged hourly, and only on an as-needed basis.

However, it’s not unheard for probate attorneys to just save themselves the book-keeping (and save the executors the “on the clock” anxiety) and just charge a flat rate to take care of the whole process.

Last will and testament paper work

A Probate Attorney for the Beneficiary 

There’s another reason you may wish to hire a probate attorney: you’re on the other side of the equation from the executor.

If you’re a beneficiary, potential beneficiary, or feel you should have been a beneficiary of a will, it may be smart to hire a probate attorney to make sure all laws, regulations, and rules are being followed to the letter.

If you feel the will was written under duress, forged, or put together by a decedent who was not legally able to make decisions due to mental health concerns, you can hire a probate attorney to challenge the will.

Wills are incredibly complex, legally binding contracts that involve multiple parties: it may be a bad idea to attempt to navigate those waters by yourself. Council can protect you, protect the decedent’s intentions, and even your family if you feel the will and estate are being exploited by outside parties.

Is There a Limit on Probate Attorney Fees?

If you’re worried about a lengthy probate process sapping the entire estate of it’s worth, don’t. Most states in the US have laws preventing the probate attorney from draining all of the cash and value.

Usually, a probate attorney’s fees are capped at a given percentage of an estate’s total value. This is done to protect both executors and beneficiaries from predatory practices, and to hopefully incentivize lawyers to end the process as quickly as possible.

How Long is the Probate Process?

There is no set amount of time, and, in fact, the time spent in probate can vary wildly depending on the circumstances.

If there’s no probate attorney because the will is simple, the estate small and straightforward, the process could take less than a month.

When the estate is large, the beneficiaries many, and the will complex or riddled with controversy, probate can take a year or longer. If anything actually goes to arbitration or court, expect it to take longer than that.

Estate law is not a fast process. If the beneficiaries all hire their own representative or probate attorneys, if there’s an investigation into the legality of the will, every single issue needs to be addressed before probate can end.

The Final Total of Probate Attorney Fees

So, you ask: what can I expect to pay for the full probate process?

According to LegalZoom, the average rate of probate attorney fees can be anywhere from 3% to 7% of the estate’s total value. Remember that that is the average cost. The amount can be much higher, and eventually hit the legal cap if there are multiple issues with the beneficiaries or the will.

Can You Avoid Probate Entirely?

If this whole probate process is sounding like a logistical nightmare, there are paths you can take to avoid or extremely shorten the probate process.

You can have your attorney create a living trust, where all property and assets are protected and are already built-in with intended beneficiaries. If the decedent has a living trust, there’s no need for probate (at least for all resources in the living trust). Instead, the beneficiaries receive their property and assets immediately.

You can also avoid probate on a case-by-case basis by designating beneficiaries on your various accounts. For instance, if you set up a “pay on death” contingency with your bank, all money is transferred immediately to the specified party. This applies to your retirement benefits, life insurance policies, and event investments.

The last method is joint ownership. If you make your beneficiaries partial owners of your property before death, there is no change of ownership – they simple become full owners and probate is bypassed.

Unfortunately, all of these steps have to be taken before death and require their own not-insignificant amount of paperwork.

Finding a Probate Attorney

Estate planning and estate execution can be a difficult process, both emotionally, financially, and socially. A probate attorney can shoulder those responsibilities for a small percentage of the estate and can often be well worth the price in peace-of-mind alone.

Websites like Avvo can help you find a probate attorney near you.

Whether you’re an executor of a will, a beneficiary, or simply someone who wants to protect their family for the future, a probate attorney can be a massive help.

Shun Chef Knife Reviews – Getting to Know Your New Kitchen Companion

Shun Chef Knife

The Shun Chef Knife Reviews - Will This Knife Be Your New Kitchen Companion?

If you’ve ever used a flimsy knife to cut a piece of raw chicken then you quickly realize that a good knife can make all the difference in the world.

If your task requires you to chop, mince, cut, slice or dice - you don’t have to be an Iron Chef to appreciate how much easier it is to do this when you have the right tool.

Having a proper chef’s knife for your kitchen is like having a decent laptop for work - you have to have it to get the job done. And just like a laptop, if you have one that is low quality and inefficient, then it slows you down and causes massive frustration. Sure, you can still technically complete your work but it takes a lot longer to get to the end result because you have an ineffective tool.

Try to think back to when you last thought about investing in a good knife set - or have you ever given knives any thought to begin with? Was it when you were putting together your wedding registry? Did someone have to remind you to add it on to your list and so you just selected what you thought would look the best on your counter-top?

Or did your mom give you her used set of knives as you were trying to piece mill a kitchen together for your first apartment? Whatever the case may be, let’s help you put thought into why you need a high - quality chef’s knife for your kitchen. Then we are going to take a look at the Shun chef knife reviews and determine if they are worth bringing home to be your next kitchen tool.

What Makes a Great Chef Knife and Why Do I Need One?

Think of the chef’s knife as your kitchen companion, your work horse, your helper - you get the idea.As mentioned earlier, a chef’s knife is a knife that is specifically used in the kitchen for slicing, dicing, chopping, cutting and mincing. The chef’s knives usually are found in a 6 inch, 8 inch or 10 inch blade configuration. Although you can also find them in different lengths such as 7.5, 8.5 or 10.5 inches.

A chef’s knife typically has a broad blade, making it ideal to cut meats or fruits and vegetables.

The blades are made of different materials depending on the brand - they can be forged from steel, carbon or stainless steel or a combination of these metals. The handles can be made of wood, plastic or really strong resin.

Where chef’s knives differ from other knives in the kitchen is not only the blade style, but also the weight distribution of the knife. Chef’s knives are designed to distribute weight evenly so it’s more ergonomic for your kitchen tasks.

Think of them as being properly balanced so you don’t experience fatigue as quickly as you might while cutting with a bread knife or paring knife. When looking for a chef’s knife here are the factors you’ll want to consider before making the purchase:

  • Size of blade
  • Material of blade
  • Material of handle
  • Utensil Knife
    Weight - how does it feel when in your hands?
  • Utensil Knife
    Can you balance the knife?
  • Utensil Knife
  • Utensil Knife

As with many items in your kitchen, there are literally hundreds of brands of knives available for your consideration. There’s also a knife for every budget as you will quickly find out when you begin your search.

In your research, you’ll probably notice the different countries of origin that manufacture these knives. There are German, Swiss, Japanese, and Chinese knives. Each country brings a unique quality of manufacturing when it comes to knives.

What Makes the Shun Chef Knives Unique?

Let’s specifically look at the Shun (rhymes with “moon”) brand of chef knives.

The Shun brand follows the Japanese tradition and principles of sword making and incorporates that into each handmade knife. The knives are manufactured in Japan still and to this day go through a 100 step process to produce each individual knife.

The company that owns Shun, the Kai Corporation, has been making these knives for over a hundred years.

To say that they take their production of knives seriously would be a correct statement.

The lineup of Shun Chef Knives is quite extensive. The Shun chef knives are divided into 6 different collections:

  • The Sora
  • The Kanso
  • The Premier
  • Utensil Knife
    The Classic
  • Utensil Knife
    The Edo
  • Utensil Knife
    The Hiro

There are also exclusive lines with slight variations available at various retailers but these are the 6 that are most widely distributed.

Each collection has a different set of features that make it unique. Briefly, here’s an overview of what makes each collection special.

The Sora Collection

Shun Sora VBS3300 3-Piece Build a Block Set, Silver
  • 3-piece build-a-block set includes a 4-slot bamboo knife block, 8-inch chef's knife and combination honing steel
  • Sora knives feature a VG10 cutting core with stainless steel on either side, creating a san mai edge that provides stain...
  • Blades have a mirror-polished Japanese 420J blade upper and a 16-degree cutting edge on either side

This is the “value” line within the various collections. The handles are made of polymer and blades are made from stainless steel. Features a 16 degree cutting angle. Even though these are the least expensive knives in the Shun Chef Knife lineup, they appear to be anything but basic.

The Kanso Collec​tion

Kanso 7”, Hollow Ground Santoku Kitchen Knife with Premium Stainless...
  • The Shun Kanso 7-inch Hollow Ground Santoku is a beautiful, Asian-inspired chef's knife that is fast becoming a kitchen...
  • Blade steel is Japanese AUS10A-highly refined, high-carbon, vanadium stainless steel that takes, and holds, a...
  • Full-tang construction provides strength, balance, and cutting control. Many cooks swear by their Santoku for easy food...

This is the line that embodies “simplicity.” The steel used in this collection is highly refined high-carbon stainless steel. The handles in this collection are made from Tagasayan wood. This collection was born out of the philosophy that nothing non-essential is to be included. It is supposed to be the simplest form of a chef’s knife but still retain the highest quality.

The Premier Collection

Shun TDM0742 Premier Nakiri Knife, 5.5-Inch
  • Premier 5.5-inch nakiri knife by shun
  • Featuring a thin blade perfect for cutting vegetables
  • Features layered damascus steel with a striking, hand-hammered finish (known as 'tsuchime' in japanese)

These knives feature a blade made from Damascus steel. The blades are also constructed with a hand-hammered process so it’ll have a “wavy” appearance. The handles are made of Pakkawood, which is a rich, walnut finish. This series also uses a clay-baking technique, similar to the way swords are made.

The Classic Collection

Shun Classic 10-piece Knife Block Set
  • Set includes: 3.5-inch Paring Knife, 4.5-inch Honesuki Knife, 5-inch Hollow Edge Nakiri Knife, 6-inch Utility Knife,...
  • VG-MAX cutting core with 34-layers (each side) and stainless Damascus cladding
  • Rockwell Hardness: 60-61; hand-sharpened Japanese double-bevel blade angle 16° (each side)

Like the Premier collection, the blades are also made from Damascus steel but it actually has 32 layers of steel. There is also the addition of carbon in the blade, so the blade is actually made from 2 different materials. The handle is also made from the Pakkawood.

The Edo Collection

Shun Edo BB1504 5-Inch Santoku Knife
  • 5-Inch Edo Santoku Knife by Shun; Santoku (meaning 3 virtues in Japanese) perfect for chopping, slicing and dicing
  • Precision forged from one solid piece of VG10 "Super Steel" and "zero-balanced" allowing knives to do all the work
  • Hammered "tsuchime" finish creates air pockets for natural food-release, reducing knife drag

This is very similar to the Premier collection with many of the same features, including the 32 layers of steel. The biggest difference with the Edo collection is the handle is made from a resin, instead of the Pakkawood.

The Hiro Collection

Shun Hiro SG2 7-inch Santoku Knife
  • SG2 Japanese steel cutting core and clad with 32 layers of a Damascus nickel and stainless pattern on each side for a...
  • 64° Rockwell Hardness; hand-sharpened Japanese double-bevel blade angle 16° (each side)
  • Ambidextrous handle is made of dark charcoal PakkaWood with deep crimson striations and an inlaid mosaic Samurai family...

This is considered the ultimate, and most luxurious of the knives within the Shun family of knives.

The blades are forged from 32 layers of Damascus nickel but the core is made of stainless steel. The blades have a total of 65 layers of metal and also feature the hammered finish. The dark charcoal handle is also made of Pakkawood and features a mosaic Samurai family crest. The end cap of the knife is finished in nickel silver.

There is an 8 inch and a 10 inch size available.

One important note worth mentioning is that all of the Shun knives includes a limited lifetime warranty. If you end up purchasing a Shun knife you will definitely want to review the details of the warranty with the retailer.

How Are the Shun Chef Knives Priced?

The Sora collection begins at $69.95 each but this is for the 6 inch version. If you want to purchase the 8 inch Shun Sora chef’s knife then it will cost around $79.95.

The Kanso collection begins around the $89.95 price point. This is for the 8 inch version.

The Premier collection begins at $129 and increases in price as you increase the size. The $129 is for the 6 inch chef’s knife. Depending on the size you choose, the options in this collection could cost up to $209.

The Classic collection will cost around $135 for the 6 inch knife. The 8 inch versions will cost up to $165.

The Edo collection starts off around $165 but this is for the 6 ½ inch size. If you want the larger versions then expect to pay upwards of $199 each.

Lastly, the Hiro collection starts around $249 for the 6 inch piece. As with the other collections, the longer the blade, the larger the price tag. If you want the 10 inch chef’s knife within the Hiro family, then expect to pay $349 each.

Tell Me about the Shun Chef Knife Reviews - what Do Others Say?

With so many variations of chef’s knives under the Shun name and so many different price points, it’s not too difficult to find numerous opinions and reviews.

The general consensus is you get what you pay for and Shun chef knives are no exception. Consumers have found these knives to be of such high quality that most feel it’s worth the price.

The comments that you will see over and over are that it retains its sharp edge after months and years of use, it’s lightweight and perfectly balanced.

The Shun chef knife seems to have earned the reputation of being the kitchen workhorse.

Overall, it’s hard to argue with so many positive consumer experiences with the Shun chef knife collection.

How Do Shun Chef Knives Compare to Other Brands?

As you can probably imagine, there is a lot of competition with chef’s knives since there are so many different brands available to purchase. Each brand will certainly try to differentiate themselves from all of their competitors.

In the price range that the Shun chef knives are found in, the Wusthof German - made knives also seem to be popular among consumers. These knives also have very high ratings. There seems to be strong opinions on German engineered knives versus Japanese or Swiss made products.

When you start shopping for a high quality knife, whether it’s the Shun brand or another, you may experience a bit of sticker shock for the price.

The Shun Chef Knife - What Do We Think?

The bottom line is you most likely need a strong, reliable chef’s knife to include in your kitchen arsenal.

Whether you are just starting to learn to cook or are a professional chef, the shun chef’s knife collections can be an excellent choice.

You are going to want a chef’s knife that you can count on for your most basic kitchen needs. As minor as it may seem, chopping and dicing are essential when it comes to fresh ingredients. Why not go ahead and make sure you have the right tool.

With the numerous product iterations of the Shun chef’s knives that are available, the overall positive reviews, the lifetime warranty and the heritage of the manufacturing process of these knives - it seems you can’t go wrong with an investment in a Shun chef knife.

While there are several different brands to choose from even within these prices, it would be our recommendation to purchase a Shun chef knife so you can be certain you are getting one of the best. If you are going to need to purchase a chef’s knife that can truly be your workhorse then a Shun chef knife is ready to stand up to the test.

8 Best Cast Iron Skillets of 2018 : Excellent Choice For Your Kitchen

Collection of best cast iron skillet

8 Best Cast Iron Skillet of 2018

In need of some new skillets for your kitchen? You really cannot go wrong with cast iron.

Cast iron is an excellent choice for your kitchen for many different reasons. It is incredibly durable, strong, and versatile. You can use it in the oven, broiler, on the stove, even on some grills and campfires. When taken care of, they can be passed down from generation to generation as well.

However, there are so many different brands and styles of cast iron skillets, which one should you go with? We will be sharing eight of our favorites with you to help you decide.

How We Chose Our Ratings

Nothing is more important to us than ensuring that our reviews are honest and accurate. To do this, we take a few additional steps in our research to make sure it is thorough and correct.

We make sure to read and research online customer reviews and testimonials. This allows us to get a broader view of what the general public thinks of the product in question. It also gives us insight on any widespread issues or complaints that might not show up anywhere else. We are also able to gather quite a few pros and cons from other customer reviews as well.

We also make sure to thoroughly research the product specifications. By doing this, we are ensuring that if any of our readers buy the product we are reviewing, they know exactly what they are purchasing. There won’t be any surprises or confusion when receiving the item in the mail. This also allows us to identify any potential shortcomings that the product may have as well.

Lastly, we make sure to do in-depth research on the company that makes the items. It is important to most customers that they are purchasing products from businesses that they can trust and stand behind. This also gives us insight on a company’s customer service policies, as well as their warranty and return policies.

For this particular review of the best cast iron skillets, we will be looking at a few extra specific features as well. We will be considering the overall quality, pricing, durability, and aesthetics for these products.

The 8 Best Cast Iron Skillets of 2018

Here are the best cast iron skillets of 2018, listed in no particular order. Cast iron skillets can come pre-seasoned, with an enamel coating, or just plain, so there will be an array of different versions of cast iron on this list.

Lodge Cast Iron 12-Inch Skillet, Pre-Seasoned Skillet for Stovetop,...
  • 12 INCH CAST IRON SKILLET. This seasoned skillet is ready to use and is extremely versatile. It has a 12 inch diameter...
  • PRE-SEASONED COOKWARE. A good seasoning makes all the difference. Lodge provides pre-seasoned cookware with no synthetic...
  • MADE IN THE USA. Lodge has been making cast iron cookware in South Pittsburg, Tennessee (pop. 3,300) since 1896. With...

The Lodge Cast Iron Skillet is a 12-inch product that has two strong handles, as well as two side lips for pouring out liquids and a handle holder made of silicone. This is an extremely high quality pre-seasoned cast iron skillet that is ideal for cooking, baking, braising, frying, grilling, searing, and any other type of cooking you can think of. With this skillet, you get incredibly even heating and heat retention.

This particular cast iron skillet has been recommended by several established magazines and brands like Good Housekeeping, the New York Times, and Food & Wine Magazine.

This heavy, durable skillet is large enough to easily feed a family of four, but if you need something smaller (or even larger) Lodge offers many other shapes and sizes as well.

If you are interested in purchasing this skillet, you can get it on Amazon for $21.42.

T-fal E83405 Pre-Seasoned Nonstick Durable Cast Iron Skillet/Fry pan...
  • Dress up grilled steak; fish and veggies with authentic restaurant stripes which is perfect for browning; searing;...
  • Large; extra-long handle with Easy-to-grip side helper handles and signature thumb rest for easy handling
  • Comes pre-seasoned for first use and includes step by step instructions for seasoning case

The T-Fal Pre-Seasoned Nonstick Cast Iron Skillet is another 12-inch product of extremely high quality.

One of our favorite aspects of this skillet is the extra-long handle it has, which even includes a thumb rest to make it very easy to hold when it is full of food. It also has nice pouring spouts to make it easy when you have to empty the pan as well.

This pan also comes pre-seasoned, so it is perfect for beginners. However, the food you make will of course taste better with additional use and seasoning. If you are new at using cast iron, you receive step by step seasoning instructions as well.

The skillet can be placed in the oven for anything up to 600 degrees, and is able to be used on any type of cooktop – this includes campfires and grills.

Want to purchase this cast iron skillet? You can find it on Amazon for $24.99.

Butter Pat Industries Heather Skillet

Next up we have the luxurious Butter Pat Industries Heather Skillet.

These are said to be incredibly smooth skillets, with some of the best non-stick quality of any cast iron on the market. Having such a smooth surface makes this product incredibly easy to clean, and the proprietary hand-casting method made this a much lighter skillet as well.

This cast iron skillet also has convenient pour spouts, idyllic sloped walls, and a comfortable front grip. It is definitely a wonderfully high quality product that is incredibly durable and beautiful to look at. It has a cooking surface of 8 inches, a diameter of 10 inches, and weighs 4.8 pounds.

You also get a 100-year guarantee with this cast iron skillet, so you can return it at any time if you need to.

However, this is definitely one of the priciest designs on our list as well. You can purchase this best cast iron skillet for $195.00.

Utopia Kitchen Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet - 12.5 Inch - Black
  • Cast iron cookware is less smoother than the Non-Stick cookware.
  • Iron deficiency is fairly common worldwide especially among women so cooking food in a cast iron skillet can increase...
  • Hand wash even before first use and dry immediately; rub with a light coat of vegetable oil after every wash

Another one of the best cast iron skillets is this one from Utopia Kitchen.

This is an extremely affordable option, and is perfect for those who want to spend as little as possible. The Utopia Kitchen skillet is 12.5 inches, pre-seasoned, and does a fantastic job of heating and cooking food evenly.  It is said that this product does as good of a job as more professional, expensive options, which really is incredible for what you pay for the item.

With this product, you also get a 30-day money back guarantee as well.

If you are interested in purchasing this cast iron skillet, you can get it on Amazon for only $24.99.

VonShef Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Frying Pan, Non Stick, Black,...
  • Traditional cast iron construction
  • Pre-seasoned with natural oils
  • Rapid and efficient cooking

The VonShef Black-Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron 3=Piece Skillet Set is one of our favorites because it comes with not one, but three different skillets. You get a ten-inch skillet, an eight inch, and a six inch one as well.

These are pre-seasoned pans, so you are able to start cooking with them right away. This also makes it easier for beginners who have never used cast iron skillets before. However, as you use it more and more and season it yourself, it will make the food you make taste better.

You are also able to use these skillets with any type of cooktop. They have handles with a hole drilled into them so they can easily be hung from hooks, if you want them to be. These items do not have any helper handles, but they do have the standard pouring spouts on both sides of the skillets.

If you are interested in purchasing this set, you can find it on Amazon for only $14.99.

Medium Preseasoned Cast Iron Skillet by Victoria, 10-inch Round Frying...
  • Medium round cast iron skillet with longer, curved handle was designed by our engineers for better leverage and easier...
  • Pre-seasoned 10 inch cast iron skillet is ready-to-use. Victoria cast iron cookware seasoned at high temperatures using...
  • Round cast iron skillet with pour spouts that have intricate drip-cutters for easy cleanup

Another budget choice that we really like is the Victoria Cookware 10-Inch Skillet.

This is a pre-seasoned skillet, making it a decent, easy choice for beginners. It also has an elongated handle, which provides you with better and safer handling when cooking a large amount of hot food. With ten inches of cooking space, you are able to make a pretty large amount of food at once for you and your family.

If you are looking for something a little more unique, this cast iron is actually slightly lighter than most of its competition. It is also a fairly light skillet, weighing in at only 4.75 pounds.

You can purchase this cast iron skillet for $19.19 on Amazon.

Calphalon Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Cookware, Skillet, 12-inch
  • Ideal for traditional and slow cooking techniques, Designed to heat evenly and steadily, holding heat so foods stay warm...
  • Cast iron pan features a pre-seasoned cooking surface to help prevent sticking, and oversized handles for easy and...
  • Can be used on gas, electric and even induction stovetops, as well as in the oven and broiler

Next up we have the Calphalon Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet.

We love the oversized handles that this product has – it makes this skillet extremely easy to both lift and clean. This 12-inch cast iron skillet can be used on any type of stovetops, even including induction. You can also put this product in the oven or broiler.

As the title suggests, this is a pre-seasoned skillet, it is also nonstick, and does a great job of ensuring that no food sticks to the pan. The design also works wonderfully when it comes to heating steadily and evenly, and holds heat well to keep your food warm as long as you need it to be.

This cast iron skillet also has a full lifetime warranty, giving you peace of mind if anything happens to it.

Interested in purchasing this cast iron skillet? You can purchase it on Amazon for $23.99.

Le Creuset Signature Iron Handle Skillet, 11-3/4-Inch, Marseille
  • Heavyweight fry pan requires very little oil, making it an excellent choice for low-fat cooking
  • Optimized for steady, even heat, Le Creusets improved enamel interior resists staining, dulling, and wear and tear
  • Black enamel interior requires no additional seasoning, unlike other cast-iron cookware

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Le Creuset Signature Iron Handle Skillet.

If you are looking for something luxurious and of the highest quality, this is the best cast iron skillet for you. This 11 ¾ inch skillet is coated in enamel, and is completely resistant to staining and dulling. The black interior looks like your standard uncoated cast iron, but it actually does not need any additional seasoning when you use it. You are also able cook any type of food that you would like in it, which is rather unusual for a cast iron skillet as well.

This skillet has a large loop handle which makes the pan very easy to move, even with oven mitts on. You can also use this loop to hang up the skillet as well. One of the most unusual differences between this cast iron and others is that you can place this in the dishwasher as well.

You can purchase this cast iron skillet in a wide variety of different colors from Amazon for $199.95.

Buyer’s Guide

Now that you have seen some of the best cast iron skillets on the market today, there are a few aspects you should consider before making your choice and purchasing one.

Make sure you keep your budget in mind while choosing a skillet. There is a huge array of different prices for these products, and knowing what you can afford beforehand will help you narrow down your choices to just one. With this, consider that some products have a lifetime warranty, which will save you money in the long run as well.

Another aspect to consider is how many people you will be cooking for. There are several different sizes on our list, and some may be better suited to your family than others. If you have a bigger group to feed, you may want to look at the skillets that are at least ten inches, etc.

Which one of the choices on our list is the most appealing to you? If you have tried one of these skillets before, would you recommend it to others?

The Chefman Air Fryer: A Low Fat and No Fuss Kitchen Aid

Chefman Air Fryer

What Makes This Fryer So Special?

These days it’s hard to read a cooking blog or turn on an infomercial without someone singing the praises of an air fryer.

It’ll make your mouth water just reading all the descriptions of what an air fryer can actually cook or bake - wings, pizza rolls, muffins, fries, veggies - the list of deliciousness goes on and on.

Air fryers promise to provide a crispy, crunchy fried taste to just about anything- all of it is fried with AIR, not oil. The end result is food that tastes like it was cooked in a deep fryer but, since you used air, it’s a much healthier version.

And chances are you have a kitchen full of appliances so do you really need another one?

Before we get into the details of the Chefman air fryer reviews, let’s briefly explain how an air fryer actually works.

The Air Fryer Basics – How Do They Work?

Basically, there is an electric coil that provides a dry, radiant heat (the same way your electric stovetop does). The heat cooks the food from the inside out.

There is also a fan within the air fryer. This fan circulates the radiant heat so you will have a nice, even temperature throughout. This is the same type of convection cooking that is used in a regular oven or toaster oven. The idea is that you’re using a consistent temperature which means your food is evenly cooked.

You also typically use a small amount of oil to cook in the air fryer. This tiny amount of oil is transformed into a fine mist as the radiant heat is being circulated. This fine mist of oil actually coats the food as it’s being cooked.

The result is food that tastes like it’s been fried in the oil, but since a fraction of the oil was used during the process, it produces a much healthier version of whatever you’re cooking.

Not only are you using a healthier cooking process, but the cleanup is a breeze compared to cleaning the oil out of a deep fryer. Especially if the air fryer you are using has a basket with non - stick coating.

One aspect worth mentioning is that the cooking time in an air fryer is typically longer than frying.

While you may be getting food that tastes as equally yummy as the fried version, don’t expect to cook it in the same amount of time. You can look for a model with a higher wattage of power if cooking time is of major importance.

When shopping for an air fryer, here is a list of items to help guide your decision - making:​​​

  • Power wattage (typically between 800 to 2100 watts)
  • Digital or standard display
  • Size of basket
  • Are any parts dishwasher safe?
  • Temperature Range
  • Temperature and timer controls
  • What accessories are included?
  • Recipe Booklet included?
  • Product Warranty
  • Budget

What makes a Chefman Air Fryer Unique?

Chefman Air Fryers come in several different sizes. Whether you are budget - conscience or a budget - buster, chances are there’s one in the Chefman air fryer product line that could be a potential fit for you.

Chefman 2.6 Liter/2.7 Quart Air Fryer with Adjustable Temperature

Chefman 2.6 Liter/2.7 Quart Air Fryer with Adjustable Temperature...
  • FRY WITH AIR NOT OIL: Chefman's Oil Free Air Fryer with rapid air technology will give you crisp and even results in...
  • THE CHOICE IS YOURS: An adjustable temperature dial control & 30 minute timer let you air-fry everything from frozen...
  • CLEAN & EASY: The 2.6L fryer basket capacity and 175-400 Degree minimum to maximum temperature range add further...
  • In-Store Only
  • InstoreOnly_PDP_Banner
  • Imported

The Chefman air fryer lineup starts with the basic model, the Chefman Air Fryer RJ38 - OPP.

It features a manual control for the temperature selection. The temperature range for this fryer is 180 degrees up to 390 degrees.  The basket size for this model is 2.5L. There is also a 30 minute timer.

The fryer basket and tank are considered dishwasher safe, so it’s designed to make cleanup easier on you. This air fryer also includes a 1-year limited warranty.

It even includes access to recipes that you can download for use later.

If you are interested in purchasing this Fryer, you can get it on Amazon for $44.97

Chefman 2.5 Liter/2.6 Quart Air Fryer with Digital Display Adjustable...
  • FRY WITH AIR NOT OIL: Chefman's Oil Free Digital Air Fryer with rapid air technology will give you crisp and even...
  • THE CHOICE IS YOURS: A programmable digital temperature control & 30 minute timer let you air-fry everything from frozen...
  • CLEAN & EASY: The 2.5L fryer basket capacity and 175-400 Degree minimum to maximum temperature range add further...
  • Fry with air not oil: chef man's oil free Digital Air Fryer with rapid air technology will give you crisp and even...
  • The choice is yours: a programmable Digital temperature control & 30 minute timer let you air-fry everything from Frozen...
  • Clean & Easy: The 2.5L fryer basket capacity and 175-400 Degree minimum to maximum temperature range add further...

The next product in the lineup is the Air Fryer with Digital Display, the RJ38 - P1. This model is similar to the features found in the RJ38 - OPP but instead has a digital user interface. The digital display appears to allow you to program the machine as well.

The other difference is a slight temperature range variation - this model cooks in temperatures ranging from 175 up to 400 degrees. The basket is also 2.5L like the manual control version.

If you are interested in purchasing this Fryer, you can get it on Amazon for $55.99

The Chefman Air Fryer RJ38 - OPP

If you like the digital display version but you have a larger family to feed, then you might want to consider the Large Chefman Air F​​​​ryer RJ38 – OPP - 55.

This has all the features of the digital version (timer, temperature range, dishwasher safe basket) but the basket is actually a much larger 5.5L (versus the 2.5L). It’s powered by 1800 watts of power to make sure it can evenly cook the larger amount of food.

If you are interested in purchasing this Fryer, you can get it on bestbuy.com for $159.99

Chefman 6.5 Liter/6.8 Quart Air Fryer with Space Saving Flat Basket...
  • ADJUSTABLE: Temperature range from 175-400 degrees allows you to cook at your desired temperature, achieving a healthy,...
  • EXTRA LARGE CAPACITY: The flat basket design allows for a higher capacity to fry delicious food, increasing space by 40%...
  • VERSATILITY: No preheating required for most foods! Manual temperature control & 60 minute integrated timer easily let...
  • ADJUSTABLE: Temperature range from 175-400 degrees allows you to cook at your desired temperature, achieving a healthy,...
  • EXTRA LARGE CAPACITY: The flat basket design allows for a higher capacity to fry delicious food, increasing space by 40%...
  • VERSATILITY: No preheating required for most foods! Manual temperature control & 60 minute integrated timer easily let...

If you think you might need an even larger basket than this then perhaps you might look at the newest model to the lineup - the Extra Large Chefman Air Fryer RJ38-V2-65.

The basket capacity is a much larger 6.5L capacity. The basket was designed to be able to cook 40% more food versus the smaller versions of their air fryers. The price for this model is $84.99 - but may be

worth the additional cost if you don’t want to be cooking in several different batches.

If you are interested in purchasing this Fryer, you can get it on Amazon for $85.99


The Chefman Air Fryer with Rotisserie RJ38 – R8

Chefman 6.5 Liter/6.8 Quart Air Fryer w/ Rotisserie Function For The...
  • Rapid roasting: the Chef man oil free rotisserie air fryer oven with rapid air technology will give you crisp and even...
  • Versatility: this rotisserie Oven is great for cooking a variety of food for the whole family; chicken, sausage, fish,...
  • Family size roaster: digital temperature control with a range of 176-410 degrees lets you Air-Fry or roast everything...
  • RAPID ROASTING: The Chefman Oil Free Rotisserie Air Fryer Oven with rapid air technology will give you crisp and even...
  • VERSATILITY: This rotisserie oven is great for cooking a variety of food for the whole family; chicken, sausage, fish,...
  • FAMILY SIZE ROASTER: Digital temperature control with a range of 176-410 degrees lets you air-fry or roast everything...

Lastly, if you are looking for an air fryer that does more than just cook or bake, there is another Chefman Air Fryer model available that includes an additional rotisserie function, the RJ38-R8. The same rapid air technology is used to create a rapid roast function as well.

It also has the extra large capacity basket size of 6.5L.

One other feature that makes this one different than others in the lineup is the large viewing window. This way you are able to see the progress of your food cooking throughout the process.

If you are interested in purchasing this Fryer, you can get it on Amazon for $55.99

​​​​​​​​Pricing for the Chefman Air Fryers

The basic Chefman air fryer RJ38–OPP starts around $59.99 and go up from there. As you add different accessories or increase the capacity to the basket then the price will also increase.​​​

What are Consumers Saying about the Chefman Air Fryer?

One thing is for certain, some of the reviews for the Chefman Air Fryer are mixed, but overall, they are mostly positive.

Let’s start with the positive.

The number one reason why consumers give the Chefman air fryers a 5 star, thumbs up, highly recommend –to–a-friend type of recommendation is the taste. The bottom line is this machine seems to produce a great “fried” taste without all the unhealthy fat and oil.

It can be a great benefit to those who are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle by cooking lighter foods.

Cleaning seems to be another popular opinion for the Chefman air fryer. The dishwasher-safe basket makes it much easier for post - meal cleanup.

The non - stick coating lends itself to easier cleanup as well.

Price is also another positive attribute for the chefman air fryer lineup. The basic model starts around $39.99 with the rotisserie model topping out at $129.99. When you compare these prices to the other brands that are on the market, you may feel you are getting more for your money with a chefman air fryer.

One interesting note is that noise does not seem to be a factor. There are multiple complaints from other brands of air fryer users of how loud the machine is while operating. This doesn’t seem to register on any of the Chefman reviews.

If you look closely at the product lineup for the Chefman air fryers, it does tout an ultra - quiet sound operation. Based on the lack of negative reviews this could potentially be a true statement.


  • Sleek design.
  • Ideal for healthy and low fat diet.
  • Easy to use.


  • Consumes much time to fully cook a meal.
  • Small size and capacity.
  • Customer service after purchase need to improve.

Let’s take a look at a few of the challenges that are seen with the Chefman lineup.

When you start reviewing all of the customer feedback and comments regarding this product, it seems like the negative reviews are about air fryers in general and not necessarily the Chefman branded products.

For instance, one reoccurring theme is found over and over among those who review the product- the amount of time it takes to actually cook the food. This comment occurs across multiple brands of air fryers, again not just the Chefman.

In today’s age of instant - everything, it seems consumers don’t want to wait for their food to take a longer amount of time to cook, even if the taste is superior. If you have a family that likes to eat and isn’t very patient, an air fryer may be a little difficult to adjust to. However, if it’s just you or one other person, then the amount of time it takes may not be too much of an issue.

The basket size also seems to be a common complaint. Admittedly if you have a large family and you only have the 2.5L basket, you will probably have to cook in multiple batches. With Chefman introducing the Large and Extra - Large versions to address this point then it may be worth upgrading to the larger size to prevent the capacity from becoming an issue.

There are multiple complaints of the Chefman units not working after using for several months. Even though the unit does come with a 1 - year limited warranty, this could be a frustrating part of the ownership experience for a Chefman.

Specific to these air fryers there are customer service complaints when they’ve had to get in touch with someone from Chefman. If your unit isn’t working and you are within the warranty period, this might get especially frustrating.

One comment that is more curious than anything else is that there isn’t an on/off button. It seems you simply plug in the air fryer. There also isn’t a way to start the timer over once you’ve selected the time. Maybe these aren’t deal breakers for you but could be important to remember if you get in a situation where you are trying to operate the machine.

Keep in mind that many of the complaints made about the chefman are really targeted to all air fryers, no matter which brand.

How do the Chefman Air Fryers Compare to Other Brands?

Since the rise in popularity of the air fryers, there have been multiple brands that have entered the marketplace. You will find air fryers by Phillips, Black & Decker, T - Fal, Farberware just to name a few.

Not only have most small appliance companies joined the air fryer revolution, you will find several under various celebrity chef names.

Compared to other brands though, the Chefman air fryer comes in a variety of sizes and the capacity of the extra-large basket is definitely an advantage.

What Do We Think- Is a Chefman Air Fryer worth the Investment?

Ultimately that will be for you to decide. Most of the negative reviews regarding the product are based on the consumer’s experience with air fryers in general - not necessarily that of the Chefman brand.

It does appear that Chefman has addressed a couple of the consumer pain points, such as basket capacity and quietness, with models that differentiate it from the competition in these areas.

With the Chefman Air Fryer reviews being mostly positive overall, it does seem likely that you will be able to purchase an appliance that cooks and bakes in a healthier manner. All of this for a reasonable price - especially compared to other air fryers on the market—make the Chefman air fryer worth consideration.