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Todd English Air Fryer Review

Air fryers are one of the newest innovative appliances on the market today. There are many different types and brands that offer air fryers in their product line-up, but some are more appealing than others.

One example is the Todd English air fryer. This article will give a detailed description of what air fryers are, how they work, available models of the Todd English air fryer, an analysis of customer feedback, and more. While it is always important to do your own research before purchasing a new appliance, we hope that by doing most of the hard work for you that you will be confident with making an informed decision.  

What is an Air Fryer and How Do They Work?

An air fryer, unlike a typical fryer, uses the circulation of hot air in order to “fry” food. Air fryers are appealing as a healthier alternative to typical fryers by reducing the total fat and calorie content in food without sacrificing the taste. It only takes a very small amount of oil to create the desired product. It can cook anything from fries to something as large as an entire chicken.

Unlike regular ovens or fryers, air fryers are compact and can easily fit on a countertop. Many are in a rounded shape. They use rapid air technology to cook the food thoroughly and evenly. The first air fryer is claimed to be created by Philips with their Philips Airfryer XXL model and have expanded with many different updated models since then.

What is the Average Price for an Air Fryer?

Air fryers can be priced anywhere from around $50 up to $200 depending on the features and the model. Todd English air fryers range in price from around $80 up to $200.

Where are Air Fryers Sold?

Air fryers are sold at any home goods or appliance stores such as Walmart, Target, J.C. Penny, Best Buy, and more. They are also available on e-commerce retailers such as Amazon, Evine, and more.

Consumers can also track them down wherever used electronics are sold such as the Facebook Marketplace and other social media. Keep in mind to always practice common sense safety when purchasing from unauthorized retailers.

What is the Todd English Air Fryer?

This air fryer was created by Todd English, a celebrity best known for his success as a professional chef. According to his website, he established several award-winning restaurants, has written four cookbooks, and has been recognized for his work internationally. English has an entire line of cookware products, such as nonstick pans, soup pots, grill pans, induction cookers, and of course, the air fryer.

The Todd English Air Fryer is a compact and fairly lightweight and comes with a variety of accessories. They are exclusively available through the e-commerce website Evine, making them not as readily available as other brands of air fryers.

English has also written a cookbook with air fryer recipes that is sold separately from the air fryer. It retails for $21.99 and has recipes that can work in all air fryers.

What are the Features of the Todd English Air Fryer?

The air fryers all come in a variety of different neutral and fun colors, including black, blue, copper, gray, and red – though it depends on the model desired. All of the air fryers have a digital interface with level adjustments for easy use. All of the models come with extra accessories that vary by each product, while some come with extra accessories available with an additional purchase.

Each model comes in a different size, the smallest able to handle 3.3 quarts while the biggest can handle up to 9.8 quarts.

What are the Different Models of the Todd English Air Fryer and Add-On Accessories?

Todd English 1500W 9.8 qt Multi-Function Digital Air Fryer & Rotisserie

Todd English 1500W 9.8 qt Multi Function Digital Air Fryer & Rotisserie

This model holds 9.8 quarts and uses 1,500 watts of power. It is made from both steel and plastic, but has a stainless steel inner cooking area that claims to speed up the cooking process. There is a digital control panel that is easy to use and an internal light to check on the status of your food at any time.

This model retails at $200.00 and comes in five different colors, including black, blue, copper, gray, and red. It boasts an easy cleaning experience and six cooking functions, including air frying, toasting, baking, maintaining warmth, broiling, and roasting. It comes with a limited one-year warranty that can be activated by calling the company number. However, this model is currently sold out on the site and it is unknown when or if they will be making a return.

Todd English 1500W 9.8 qt Digital Air Fryer Oven w/ Rotisserie and Dual Basket System

This model is essentially the same as the previously mentioned model, but has a dual basket system and has oven capabilities. It used to retail for $200.00, but is now listed at $142.99. The downside? It is currently sold out as well.

Todd English 1500W 9.8 qt Digital Air Fryer Oven w/ Rotisserie and Dual Basket System

Todd English 9.8 qt Digital Air Fryer 15-Piece Accessory Set​​

This is not an air fryer, but the extra accessories that can be purchased for a 9.8 Quart model of the Todd English air fryer. The accessories expand on the capabilities of the air fryer by adding a cake, baking, and pizza pan. But that’s not all; the set also includes a steam rack, a rolling cage, and a dual rack meant for grilling.

However, just like the 9.8 Quart model, its accessories are also sold out for the time being, though you can get updates on when the product will be back in stock.

Todd English 1500W 3.3 qt Touchscreen Digital Air Fryer w/ Carbon Filter & Accessory Set

Todd English 1500W 3.3 qt Touchscreen Digital Air Fryer w/ Carbon Filter & Accessory Set

The 3.3 Quart model features a space-saving design, an LCD display panel, an adjustable timer, removable filter to control overbearing scents, an aluminum basket, seven cooking settings, and uses forced convection to cook meals. There are seven extra items that come with the 3.3 Quart model, including a fry basket, one carbon filter, removable heating chamber, air fryer housing, a steam rack, a baking pan, and an instruction manual.

This model comes in nine different colors, ranging from neutral to exciting bold ones. It comes in blue, red, pink, gray, plum, white, merlot, black, and pink. With this model, this is no need to purchase an extra accessory kit, as it already comes with all of the accessories available for the model. Unfortunately, like the 9.8 Quart model, this model is currently sold out on the site.

Todd English 1700W 5.8 qt Touchscreen Digital Air Fryer w/ Steam Rack & Bake Pan

The Todd English 1700 watt 5.8 Quart model includes the air fryer itself, a cooking basket, a baking pan, a heating chamber, and an instruction booklet. It features a touch screen digital interface, a space-saving design, a bell notification to alert when food is finished, adjustable cooking time, and fast cooking capabilities.

This model comes in seven different colors, including blue, red, gray, plum, merlot, copper, and black, providing a good range of colors for all kinds of possibilities.

Once again, like all of the other products listed, this item is sold out on Evine. It is unknown if and when it will restock, but there is an option to be updated on when it will happen on the product page.  

Where Can the Todd English Air Fryer be Purchased?

The primary retailer of the air fryer is the e-commerce store Evine, though some models may be for sale on resale websites. However, there may be models available for sale that have been in prior use.

What Makes the Todd English Air Fryer Different from Other Air Fryers?

Besides being designed by Todd English, there are a few other things that make the Todd English air fryer a unique choice from other air fryers. But first, let’s talk about its competitors and predecessors.

Philips HD9220/28 Viva Airfryer

Todd English’s competing brands include Philips, Chef di Cucina, Dash, Chefman, and more. Philips is the brand that boasts the original design of the air fryer, launching the Philips HD9220/28 Viva Airfryer and other models that started the air fryer revolution. The Philips HD9220/28 Viva Airfryer is no longer available, but newer generations are available on the market.

As opposed to the original Philips HD9220/28 Viva Airfryer with 800 grams of cooking space, the Todd English air fryer has 9.8 quarts of cooking space available.

The Todd English air fryer also comes with accessories included, as opposed to the Philips model that requires an additional purchase to receive accessories such as the food separator, baking pan, and double layer rack.  However, there are extra accessories available for Todd English models to purchase as well.

What Have Past Customers Said?

You have to find reviews and feedback about Todd English’s air fryer from other sources other than their website and their retailer Evine, as there are no reviews listed on either site. Though there is an option to leave reviews, none have yet been published.

 There are limited reviews from home appliance websites, but it is unknown if they are unbiased, honest reviews. Some expert reviews are also available, as we will detail below

What Do the Experts Say?

It is easy to think that just because a product has an internationally-acclaimed chef’s name on it that it should be top quality. But sometimes, that isn’t the case. But for the most part, other appliance reviewers mention that all of the current Todd English models are fairly efficient, though have a good mix of pros and cons.

The most consistent complaint about the air fryers are their limited one-year warranty. A review notes that the 3.3 Quart model contains a badly written instruction guide and a very small basket, but applauds its digital interface and fast cooking time.

The same review notes that the 9.8 Quart model is incredibly noisy, but has a high capacity and an easy to use rotator function and other options that make the product multi-functional. Overall, the review reported that the air fryers were of good quality and a nice addition to any kitchen.

The Final Verdict

So what do we think? Overall, the product seems to be a fairly popular choice for consumers, as all of the products are currently sold out on Evine. With that said, that means the availability of the product is very limited.

Seeing as it is unclear if new versions of the sold out products will ever be available on the site again, it greatly limits the product as a choice for your home. But if you find the product second-hand, it may be worth a try if you’re looking for something with more than one function.

Each model comes with smart technology and seems straightforward enough to use. The color options for all of the models are outstanding for a home appliance, making it a perfect fit for any home décor needs. Additionally, the wide range of accessories help make the model great for many different cooking needs.

The lack of customer reviews is still a big concern, but considering that every model is sold out and is rated well across several expert review sites, it is safe to say that it is a reasonable and safe choice of air fryer.  

Overall, we do recommend the Todd English air fryer as a viable and good choice for an air fryer.

Big Boss Air Fryer reviews

Big Boss 1300 Watt Oil less Air Fryer

With a name as impressive as Big Boss, its reasonable to expect big things, or at the very least, a product that is big in size. We reviewed the Big Boss Air Fryer to see if it lived up to its name in terms of style, quality, and capacity.

What Is an Air Fryer and How Does It Work?

Air fryers are becoming more popular as society becomes more health-conscious. We’re constantly looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment and we want to make sure that the food we put in our bodies is nutritious, flavorful, and most importantly, won’t do us any harm.

Using an air fryer is a simple process. The appliance sits on your kitchen countertop, you put the food in a basket or tray, and place it in the fryer. With some models you may need to stir the food periodically to make sure it cooks evenly, but with others the fryer is designed in a way that makes it unnecessary.

Air fryers usually work by coating the food with a thin layer of oil while circulating hot air, to mimic the process of deep frying in oil. However, they’re designed to be faster, safer, and quicker than the traditional deep fryers your mother used to cook with.

Factors We Considered When Reviewing the Big Boss Air Fryer

First and foremost, we wanted to make sure that the air fryer delivered good value for money and was able to deliver on all its promises. We paid close attention to the comments the online reviewers made and compared it to other air fryers on the market.

Big Boss products are distributed by E Mishan & Sons (Emson) who have over 70 years-experience as importers and distributors of as seen on tv products. The company believes their success is due to their commitment to outstanding quality, continuous innovation, customer satisfaction, and hiring professional employees.

Emson specializes in marketing electrical and non-electrical products, pet care, fitness, beauty, personal care, automobile, and outdoor products. They sell their products in various outlets including major department stores, supermarkets, drug chains, discounters, by mail order, and through Amazon.

The Big Boss Air Fryer

The Big Boss air fryer is oil-less and runs a 1300-watt motor. It heats food quickly without losing any taste or flavor and it will not dry out your food as some other appliances do. It’s a healthier way to cook your favorite meats, vegetables, poultry, and even desserts. The Big Boss makes full use of its size with two trays allowing you to cook many different foods at the same time. Its power comes from infrared heat, convection and halogen sources and the food does not need to be thawed when you start cooking.

Big Boss Oil-less Air Fryer, 16 Quart, 1300W, Easy Operation with...
  • Enjoy your favorite foods without the added calories! The Big Boss air fryer allows you to fry, bake, grill, &...
  • Simple & easy operation with 2 dials, temperature control, timer with auto shutoff and popular food directions right...
  • The transparent glass bowl is designed to let you see the progress of your food without the need to open the cooking...





16in X 12.5in X 13.5in


E. Mishan & Sons, Inc

The fryer’s design is user-friendly with a clear base and cover, so you can clearly see the entire cooking process. The top of the fryer has a digital control panel and you have a choice of the following colors:

  • Blue
  • Black
  • Gold
  • Grey
  • White
  • Red


  • user-friendly with multiple temperature settings
  • on/off switch
  • timer and food icons to show you what temperature each type of food should be cooked at


What Food Can You Cook in the Big Boss Air Fryer?

Big Boss products are designed with healthy lifestyles in mind and the air fryer doesn’t disappoint in this area. Any food that you would normally cook in a deep fryer can be put into the air fryer, but it can also be used to dry fruits and vegetables.

Potato Fries

Chicken Wings


What the Reviews Say

Online reviews were mixed, but this is often the case with kitchen appliances and it often boils down to the reviewer’s personal preference for one brand over another. To get a good idea of the capability of a product it pays to delve a little further to look at specific comments.

Many reviewers mentioned the need to spend some time getting to know your new Big Boss Air Fryer. Some meals were more successful than others for reviewers as they learned how long and at what temperature to cook each food.

One reviewer who gave the product 5 stars stated she was able to cook a three-course meal for two people in the fryer. She added that each food had to be timed carefully so that all were ready to eat at the same time however, timing is something that needs planning with conventional ovens as well.

Other reviewers commented on how easy the fryer is to clean if you rinse the bowl after each use. The self-cleaning feature was popular and did its job efficiently. The ability to see the food as it cooked rather than having to open and shut an oven door all the time was also popular.

Another aspect of the Big Boss air fryer that was mentioned several times was how quickly it cooked a meal. A bonus for many people was that the fryer’s lid successfully sealed in cooking aromas and there was no lingering smell in the kitchen after cooking.

Most of the negative reviews were due to the fan not working at the first or second use. However, most people received a replacement quickly through the warranty. One reviewer stated that the lid completely melted on the first use and the fryer was never used again.

Judging by the amount of positive reviews compared to negative reviews, it seems that the Big Boss fryer is by and large a good product, but when it doesn’t work properly, it’s usually a replacement that’s needed as a small repair won’t fix it.

How Does the Big Boss Air Fryer Compare with Other Brands?

We compared the Big Boss air fryer with other 1300-watt brands and the first thing we noticed is that no other brand has a clear bowl so that you can see your food as it cooks. Considering how many reviewers mentioned this advantage in their Big Boss reviews it might be a feature that manufacturers should include when they’re developing future products.

SLC Air Fryer with Detachable Basket

SLC Air Fryer

This air fryer features 7 different cooking settings, adjustable temperature control between 180 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and non-stick coating. It’s slightly smaller than the Big Boss with dimensions of 12in X 13.9in and a basket of 7.5in X 3.6in. It’s considerably lighter than the Big Boss however, at 9.35lbs.

Like the Big Boss, the SLC model features cool-touch housing, an automatic shutoff mechanism, and uses very little, or no, oil to cook. The SLC model does not have a self-cleaning option which was a popular feature with the Big Boss.

The SLC fryer is cheaper than the Big Boss at $69.99.

Ultrean Air Fryer, 4.2Qt Electric Hot Air Fryers Oven Oilless Cooker...
  • FRY in a HEALTHIER WAY with less or no oil. With ULTREAN air fryer you can enjoy the same fried and crispy foods with...
  • HASSLE-FREE OPERATION. With accessible buttons and easy cooking set up. It comes with an AUTO SWITCH OFF timer (0-30...
  • GET a MULTIFUNCTION COOKER that SAVES YOU TIME AND MONEY. Aside from air-frying you can also grill, roast and bake your...


This fryer is cheaper than the Big Boss at $75.90 however, that may be at the cost of its quality. It features baking, roasting, and grilling capabilities as the others do, and has adjustable temperature controls and a timer.

The Aikotoo is easy to clean, the basket and cooking pan can be removed and placed in the dishwasher and the fryer itself just needs a wipe down with a damp cloth. The dimensions are 15.5in X 13.4in X 13.2in and it weighs 10.33lbs, making it slightly smaller and lighter than the Big Boss.

The Aikotoo’s one online reviewer gave it 5 stars.

Healthy Choice 10-quart Air Fryer

Digital Air Fryer

This model is more expensive than the Big Boss at $129.99 but is smaller in cooking capacity at 10-qt rather than the Big Boss’s 16 quart, yet both are 1300-watt models. It weighs less at 10lbs but interestingly the dimensions are 16.93in X 16.93in X 14.57in which is bigger than the Big Boss.

The Healthy Choice fryer does contain a viewing window so that you can see your food cooking, which is an improvement on the other models but not quite as impressive as the Big Boss’s clear bowl.

Healthy choice has added a few accessories including a flat rack for grilling and baking and a rotisserie rod and ends.

Reviews for the Healthy Choice 10-quart fryer do not inspire confidence however. Several people said it worked well for a few months, then stopped working, usually in the middle of cooking a meal and they were not able to get hold of the company to inquire about a refund.

NuWave Brio Black 10 Quart Digital Air Fryer
  • Black
  • LED touch pad control panel with auto pre-heat
  • Temperature from 100 to 400 degrees F

Our View of the Big Boss Air Fryer

The Big Boss does in fact, live up to its name in both size and capacity. It’s reasonably priced for its abilities and the clear bowl is a winning feature. It’s bigger in size than most air fryers and bigger in capacity in all the fryers we reviewed, including the more expensive brand.

We would advise caution regarding where you buy your Big Boss Air Fryer. Due to some of the reviewer’s comments about the fan not working after one or two uses it would pay to ensure you have an extended warranty.

The Big Boss air fryer is not as portable as the other models as it weighs in at 14.74lbs, but if you intend to put it on your kitchen benchtop in a permanent place, this isn’t going to be an issue for you. It may in fact be an advantage if you have young children in the house who like to pull on cords.

As a healthier way to cook your favorite foods, the Big Boss air fryers excels in performance. Its dehydration capabilities only add to its appeal and gives you a healthier snack option than potato chips or candy.

As a final bonus, the choice of six colors means you can coordinate your fryer with your other kitchen appliances, so it won’t stick out like a sore thumb on your benchtop. In our opinion, the Big Boss air fryer is a high-quality product, available for a good price, and is certainly one of the better models on the market.

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Farberware Air Fryers

Most of us are aware that fried food is not something we should be eating every day if we want to maintain our health. However, there’s nothing quite like the delicious taste of a deep fried French fry or onion ring.

Below, we reviewed three Farberware air fryers to see if they could indeed deliver a decent French fry.

What Is an Air Fryer and How Does It Work?

Air fryers are solid looking kitchen appliances that sit on your countertop and are suitable for cooking any food that you would otherwise fry in a pan or deep fryer. They’re a lot safer than traditional fryers because you only need a little, if any, hot oil to make them work.

To use an air fryer, you need to place the food in the basket that comes with your appliance. The basket sits above a drip tray and you will need to shake the basket periodically to ensure all the food gets cooked evenly. Your air fryer will cook French fries, onion rings, pastries, meat, fish, and chicken.

Air fryers cook your food in a way that’s like a convection oven. A thin layer of oil coats the food and a mechanical fan circulates hot air to cook it. The temperature in air fryers needs to get to around 200 degrees Celsius, or 392 degrees Fahrenheit to “fry” things properly.

Is Farberware a Reputable Brand?

A company that’s been around for a several years is usually one that’s built a strong reputation for creating high-quality products. Farberware has been creating cookware 1900 when S. W. Farber began using copper and brass to make bowls and other houseware products.

In the 1930s, Farberware branched out into making kitchen appliances, beginning with coffee percolators before quickly developing their well-known electric frying pans. Since then they’ve continued to add new products to their catalogue as technology advances.

Farberware is now produced by the Meyer Corporation who state they are actively working towards reducing their impact on our environment. They do this by using solar and wind power as much as possible and recycling wherever they can. They’ve also implemented other initiatives like low-voltage desktop computers for admin staff and have reduced the product packaging that they use.

How We Rated the Farberware Air Fryers

Value for money was a consideration when we rated the air fryers rather than the actual cost of the product. We’ve found that people are often happy to pay a higher price for appliances if the product has enough features to recommend it.

As the air fryer usually sits on the kitchen benchtop, size was an important factor in deciding our ratings as was the style and look. Customer reviews were also taken into consideration where available.

The Farberware Air Fryer Models

Farberware has a small range of air fryers on the market which can be bought through Amazon.com. However, if you want to save on shipping costs you can also buy instore at Walmart and some department stores.

Farberware Air Fryer FBW FT 42138 BK

Farberware Air Fryer FBW FT 42138 BK

Description: this model is described as versatile and can be used to for baking, grilling, and roasting, as well as air frying. The air circulation system means your fries are crisp and your roast vegetables are cooked to perfection. The beauty of this air fryer is you aren’t left with that greasy smell in your kitchen that other types of fryers give you and there’s no oil splatter all over your kitchen surfaces. Pre-heating only takes a couple of minutes and your meal is cooked quickly.

This Farberware Air Fryer has a stylish look and is finished in black so won’t look out of place on your benchtop. It has non-slip feet for safety along with cool-touch handle and housing. An extra safety feature is the protective plastic cover that sits over the food basket release button. This means you can’t accidentally drop the food basket or holder.

Farberware Air Fryer FBW FT 42138 BK
  • Multi-functional and versatile, for frying, baking, grilling and roasting with little-to-no oil added | Great for...
  • Powerful air frying technology with rapid hot air circulation system gives your food a crispy fried finish | Cooks...
  • No oil smell, no splatter, no mess | Fast cooking performance and very short preheating time enables you to prepare a...




26.6in X 14in X 13.2in


Benefits include:

  • 900g/2lb cooking capacity
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 3.2 qt non-stick food basket
  • Automatic shutoff and timer
  • Recipe book including over 25 recipes


  • how fast it cooked their food
  • low-fat option for fries.


  • instructions wore off after being cleaned

Air Fryer White

Description: Lower in price than our previous model this one looks just as stylish but in white instead of black. It has 8 pre-programmed settings you can use to cook, or you can set the timer yourself. The basket is dishwasher safe and the product itself will only need a quick wipe-down after use.

Air Fryer White
  • 8 easy-to-use preprogrammed cooking options • 3-liter capacity, cooks up to 2 lbs of food
  • Digital touchscreen control panel: set the time and temperature that you want, or select from 1 of the 8 easy-to use...
  • Temperature selector from 150 to 400 degrees F • Healthier alternative to traditional frying using little-to-no-oil




14in X 12.4in X 12.4in


Benefits include:

  • 8 pre-programmed cooking settings
  • 3 liter/2 pd cooking capacity
  • Digital touchscreen control panel
  • Recipe book including 25 recipes
  • Dishwasher safe


  • the size of this model as it was perfect for a two or three-person household
  • This fryer was described as simple to use and fast


5L Fast Cooking Digital Temperature Control Air Fryer with Large Basket Holder, White

Description: this is a good price for a model of this size that allows you to cook 2 different types of food at once with the use of a food separator. It comes with a non-stick barrel pan and the basket is also manufactured with FDA approved non-stick coating.

The parts are all dishwasher safe and the fryer has non-slip feet and cool-touch housing. For extra safety this fryer uses a protection circuit that keeps an eye on how hot your fryer is getting.

Style Deep Fryer 5-Liter Oil Professional with 1 - XL basket by...
  • Extra large, 21 cup food capacity allows you to feed plenty of people with this small deep fryer up to 12 servings of...
  • Uses an adjustable timer with audible tone so you know exactly when your food is ready
  • This electric fryer features an immersed heating element for fast heating and cooking




14.5in X 14.5in X 16in


Benefits include:

  • 1.5kg/3.6lb cooking capacity
  • Digital temperature controls up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 6 pre-programmed settings and timer
  • Dishwasher safe


  • size of this fryer was great for larger-sized families
  • best fryer for producing crispy French fries in a short amount of time
  • It also seems to be a good option for those people who have hungry teenagers in the house as enough fries fit into the basket to feed a few at a time


  • the non-stick coating peeling off
  • the basket did not seem to fit the fryer well

How Farberware Air Fryers Compare with Other Brands

With kitchen appliances, you usually get what you pay for and air fryers are not the exception to that rule. There are larger, and more expensive, brands than Farberware on the market but whether that means they are a better quality or that they will last longer remains doubtful.

We compared the Farberware air fryers with some others currently available for sale on Amazon:

This model comes in two sizes: a 6qt or an 8qt basket size. The dimensions are 19.4in X 16.4in X 16.3 in and it weighs 20.4lbs. Considering the size and weight, the price tag of $152.99 does not seem unreasonable. It also comes with more features than any of the Farberware models including 10 stainless steel skewers, a rotating mesh basket, a rotating rotisserie spit, and 3 air flow racks. It boasts 1700 watts and is described as Chef-quality. The three cooking levels means that you can easily cook a varied meal that will serve the whole family.

This one is similar in size to the Farberware models with dimensions of 13in X 11.5in X 12.2 in but with a price tag of $79.99. It weighs 11lbs and comes with two recipe books containing over 50 recipes.

The reviews for this brand are mostly positive and the fryer appears to work exactly as it should. It has a stylish look and features cool-touch housing. As far as quality and features go its on a par with Farberware’s FT 42138 BK model.

At the same price as Farberware’s 5-liter air fryer this model appears to be of similar quality and similar in size and weight.  Where it differs is the features that come with it. Simple Living’s fryer has the standard recipe book but also a handy accessory set.

Other features are the same as Farberware’s such as non-stick surfaces, automatic shutoff switches and cool-touch housing. The reviews would suggest that it may take some trial and error to learn the right temperatures to cook different foods, but this could also be said of the Farberware air fryers.

Our View of Farberware Air Fryers

Farberware Air Fryers are a reasonable price and come in a range of sizes, so you shouldn’t have too much problem finding one to suit the size of your family. In comparison with the other brands we looked at, Farberware holds up well in price and size. However, keep in mind that we did not find any information regarding the longevity of the other brands.

We recommend that you shop around before you buy, as many reviewers mentioned that the fryers could be bought cheaper at Walmart than on Amazon. It was also mentioned that Walmart provided a 2-year warranty that Amazon did not.

The Farberware Air Fryers are a much healthier option than traditional deep fryers and they cook your food quicker than conventional ovens. After saying that, buying an air fryer does not seem to be a long-term investment as these fryers are not the type of appliances that continue to work well after several years of use.

Farberware air fryers come in either black or white and depending on the rest of your kitchen appliances this may very well be a deciding factor on which you choose to buy. On the other hand, the air fryers are not full of oil, and are therefore light enough that they can be stored in a cupboard when not being used.

There’s no doubt that an air fryer can be a valuable addition to any household, particularly one whose members want to follow as healthy a lifestyle as possible with their diet. They won’t leave your kitchen smelling of oil, and area considerably safer than frying on the stovetop or with a deep fryer.

Farberware’s air fryers are as good a quality as any others currently on the market and as technology improves, so will the life and features of these appliances.

Presto food dehydrator Reviews

Presto 06300 Dehydro Electric Food Dehydrator

We know that things like potato chips, cookies, and sugar are bad for us, but we also know that these are the food we often reach for when we want to snack while watching a good movie.

Below, we reviewed some presto food dehydrators to see if they could provide us with a healthier alternative for movie night.

What Is a Presto Food Dehydrator and How Does It Work?

A food dehydrator is an electrical device for drying food but not cooking it. It can be used to make beef jerky, fruit leather, or even crackers. Vegetables can be dried to use as flavoring in soups and broths and fruit can be dried as an alternative to potato chips.

Food dehydrators remove moisture from food with the use of a heating element, air vents, a fan, and food trays. The food is placed on the trays, and the heating element, air vents and fan circulate the air in the container to dry out the moisture.

Is Presto a Good Brand?

National Presto Industries was founded in 1905 in Wisconsin but was originally known as the Northwestern Steel and Iron Works. The company began by making pressure canners of various sizes for hotels and home use.

During World War II, Presto participated in the war effort by making aerial bombs, artillery fuses, and rocket fuses. The received 5 awards from the Army-Navy war production board.

After the war Presto began to manufacture pressure cookers, irons, deep fryers and other kitchen appliances. In the late 1990s they began to look at healthier ways to cook the foods we love, and their food dehydrators sprang from that innovation.

How We Rated the Food Dehydrators

There were many factors we considered when rating the presto Food dehydrators. We looked at the functions and settings of the dehydrators, the size and capacity, and the weight of the product.

Although the price was considered it wasn’t the most important factor as we were more concerned with perceived value for money. We looked at customer reviews where available with an interest in added features and ease of use.

The Presto Food Dehydrator Models

Presto currently has four models of food dehydrators for sale and we reviewed each of them. All are available to buy from Presto’s online store, on Amazon.com, and by other in-store retailers.

Prices ranged from between $60 to $100 or around $35 for a used model. Accessories such as extra food trays can also be purchased.

Presto 06300 Dehydro Electric Food Dehydrator

Presto 06302 Dehydro Electric Food Dehydrator with Adjustable Thermostat

Description: this model is perfect for dehydrating vegetables, herbs, spices, and fruits. It’s dehydration system ensures that the natural vitamins and minerals in the food is not lost and the drying temperatures is preset at approximately 165F. The heating element and fan work together to circulate air without the need for tray rotation. It comes with a see-through cover, so you can keep an eye on the drying process. All the trays nest together when not in use to save on storage space and the cords can be tucked away neatly in the base of the dehydrator.

Presto 06300 Dehydro Electric Food Dehydrator
  • Four-tray system for dehydrating foods at a fraction of the cost of commercially dehydrated foods with no additives or...
  • See-through cover to monitor drying progress on top tray; Bottom-mounted fan and heating element provide consistent air...
  • Drying trays and cover are fully immiscible and dishwasher safe; Fruit roll sheets, nonstick mesh screens, jerky gun and...






14.5in X 15in X 6.25in



600 watts

Benefits include Preset:

  • 4 Expandable, dishwasher safe, drying trays
  • Pre-set thermostat – approximately 165F
  • Jerky spice and cure starter pack included
  • Power light shows when product is plugged in

Presto 06301 Dehydro Digital Electric Food Dehydrator

Presto 06301 Dehydro Digital Electric Food Dehydrator

Description: this model is slightly bigger and heavier than the 06300 model and it uses a 6-tray system.  Extra features include two fruits roll up sheets to use with fresh, canned, or frozen fruits and two nonstick mesh screens for smaller and stickier food.

The 06301 model has an adjustable thermostat that ranges between 90 to 165F and comes with a beef jerky starter pack. As with the 06300 model all the trays nest together and the cord is stored in the base.

Presto 06301 Dehydro Digital Electric Food Dehydrator
  • Six-tray system for dehydrating foods at a fraction of the cost of commercially dried foods with no additives or...
  • Makes jerky from meat, poultry, and seafood includes sample packets of jerky spice and cure
  • Digital thermostat and timer for precise drying time and temperature choose drying temperatures from 90 to 165 degree f






14.5in X 15in X 7.25in



750 watts

Benefits include:

  • 6 Expandable, dishwasher safe, drying trays
  • 2 Fruit roll sheets
  • 2 Nonstick mesh screens
  • Adjustable thermostat – 90F to 165F
  • Jerky spice and cure starter pack included

Presto 06302 Dehydro Electric Food Dehydrator

Presto 06301 Dehydro Digital Electric Food Dehydrator

Description: this model is almost the same as the 06301. One difference is that this model has a manual adjustable thermostat and the 06301 has a digital thermostat. The other difference is that this model is $10 cheaper and there’s a small change in the heating temperature range.






14.5in X 15in X 7.25in



750 watts

Benefits include:

  • 6 Expandable, dishwasher safe, drying trays
  • 2 Fruit roll sheets
  • 2 Nonstick mesh screens
  • Adjustable thermostat – 95F to 160F
  • Jerky spice and cure starter pack included

Presto 06303 Dehydro Digital Electric Food Dehydrator

Presto 6303 Dehydro Digital Electric Food Dehydrator

Description: this model is advertised as deluxe and is only available instore at Walmart. It may have been given the deluxe title because it comes with a choice of colored lids and control panels. However, it doesn’t come with any of the extra features that the 06301 and 06302 models have.

Presto 6303 Dehydro Digital Electric Food Dehydrator
  • Additional Drying trays, Fruit Roll Sheets, Non-stick Mesh Screens, Jerky Seasoning sold separately
  • Bottom-mounted fan and heating element provide consistent airflow for optimum drying
  • Dehydration maintains natural vitamins and minerals - with no additives or preservatives






15in X 15in X 7.50in



750 watts

Benefits include:

  • 6 Expandable, dishwasher safe, drying trays
  • Digital thermostat and timer
  • Comes with a selection of colored lids and control panels if bought at Walmart

What the Reviews Say

In general, the reviews for the Presto Food Dehydrators were positive with many reviewers stating that they loved whichever model they had purchased. Several people commented that they had been using their dehydrator almost constantly since first purchasing it.

Other reviewers stated that they enjoyed being able to provide healthy snacks for the kids rather than buying dried foods that they couldn’t be sure didn’t contain additives and preservatives. Several reviewers bought the food dehydrators to dry chicken and meat for their pets and this save them a considerable amount of money at the pet food store.

The reviews were not 100% positive although the complaints seemed to be minor nuisances rather than huge faults. Some people were annoyed that their dehydrator didn’t have an on/off switch and they had to unplug it to turn it off.

Many people complained that their model was noisy, while others stated that it made a hum that was no louder than a dehumidifier. The reviewers who said it was too loud, moved it into another room and had no further problems.

One review we came across mentioned that the food trays did need to be rotated as they dehydrator did not heat evenly throughout the container.

How Presto Food Dehydrators Compare with Other Brands

The Presto food dehydrators provide good value for money and suit their purpose well. However, they are not the biggest dehydrators on the market and if you intend to dry a lot of food, and you want it done quickly, you would be better to spend some more money to invest in a larger product.

The Excalibur Electric Food Dehydrator

Excalibur 3926TB 9-Tray

For example, the Excalibur 3926TB 9-Tray Electric Food Dehydrator costs considerably more at $277.99, but it also comes with more features than the Presto models. It has 9 drying trays which equate to a total of 15sq feet of space.The Excalibur’s thermostat is adjustable and the temperature ranges between 105F to 165F which is on a par with the Presto models. The heating element, fan, and thermostat are on the back of the dehydrator rather than the bottom which allows them to distribute the hot air evenly over the trays instead of from the bottom to the top of the container.

Excalibur 3926TB 9-Tray Electric Food Dehydrator with Temperature...
  • 9-Tray electric food dehydrator with 15 square feet of drying space
  • Adjustable Thermostat 105F to 165F. Temperature range is low enough to preserve active enzymes in fruits and vegetables....
  • Built in on/off switch and adjustable thermostat with 26 hour timer

The Nesco Snackmaster Express Food Dehydrator All-In-One Kit


At a similar price to the Presto food dehydrators at $57.99 the Nesco Snackmaster is slightly smaller with dimensions of 13in X 13in X 11in and a weight of 8.76lbs. It comes with 5 trays, a jerky gun with three tips, five jerky spices and cures, two fruits roll sheets, two clean-a-screens, and a recipe book. The reviews for the Snackmaster are positive with only two complaints being mentioned. There’s no on/off switch so it must be unplugged to be turned off and there’s no timer. Both these complaints were also mentioned in the reviews for the Presto food dehydrators so there’s no comparison with these factors.

The only advantage the Snackmaster has over the Presto models is the inclusion of the jerky gun and the recipe book. Recipes can be found online, free of cost, so although this is an added feature of the Nesco product it’s probably not a deal-breaker.  

If you intend to make a lot of jerky, the Snackmaster may be your better option. However, for fruit and vegetables, Presto’s size and wattage make it the better option. Presto’s models are more attractive looking, but if you’re not concerned about how the product looks on your kitchen bench, again this is not a deal-breaker.

BPA-free Plastic

Buying BPA-free products is important to many people and all Presto’s products are now BPA-free even though they haven’t been in the past.

 BPA (bisphenol-A) is a chemical that manufacturer’s use to strengthen plastics. It’s also used to create epoxy resins which are often put in the inside of food cans to prevent them breaking or corroding.

Warranty Comparisons

Most brands offer a warranty of some sort with their food dehydrators, but it pays to double-check with your retailer. National Presto Industries state they have replacement parts for sale online however, if you need any maintenance or repairs done on your dehydrator they must be done by Presto’s own factory service department which is a standard requirement with other brands as well.

Presto’s customer service department is open regular business hours so if you do find you have a problem that should be your first port of call.

What We Think of Presto Food Dehydrators

All in all, the Presto food dehydrators seem to be good products for their prices. It is a little difficult to differentiate one from the other however, and the prices don’t seem to indicate quality or added features between them.

These dehydrators are best suited for home use. The trays are all expandable, as in 6 trays expands to 12 trays and all nest together so you they won’t take up a lot of space in the cupboards. All the accessories can be bought separately and are safe to use in the dishwasher.

Whether the Presto dehydrators are too noisy is a matter of personal preference but if you’re buying instore you should be able to test it out before you take it home. We also advise that you take care where you use your food dehydrator as using it in a small room in the middle of summer may be problematic due to the temperature the food dehydrator needs to be to function properly.

If you’re embarking on a healthy eating regime, want to add a healthy snack to the kid’s lunches, or want to treat your pets, a Presto food dehydrator is the perfect product.

Best Weber Charcoal Grill Series Review

There’s nothing that says good barbeque like a charcoal grill. Electric grills may be more efficient, but they lack that classic smoky charcoal taste. When it comes to charcoal grills, Weber is one of the best-known brands.

In this article, we will take a look at the best Weber Charcoal grills on the market and provide you with our reviews of each model.

How We Reviewed the Weber Charcoal Grills

We looked at every charcoal grill offered by Weber and broke them down into several categories groups based on different types of grilling functions. Once we categorized all of the products, we researched each model to pick out the best product in each of the groupings.

When choosing these models, we weighed a variety of different elements such as price, performance, and special features. Below we have reviews for our picks of the top Weber Charcoal Grills series. Each review will cover grill features, pros and cons of the model, and pricing.


Many barbeque enthusiasts swear that a smoker is the way to go when it comes to flavorful, juicy meats and veggies. A good smoker should be able to maintain a steady temperature for hours of cooking and will infuse whatever you’re cooking with a smoky flavor that isn’t too overpowering.

For this category, we chose the Smokey Mountain Charcoal Grill Smoker in 18”, though the 14” and 22” models are very similar.

Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker 18 Inch Smoker
  • Porcelain-enameled lid, bowl, and center section retain heat and won't rust or peel
  • Two cooking grates provide ample room for smoking two large items at once
  • Silicone temperature grommet monitors the internal temperature of your smoker

Smokey Mountain Weber Charcoal Grill Smoker Features

  • Bullet-Shaped Body. The bullet-shaped body on the Smokey Mountain grill allows it to retain better heat and lets the smoke rise up into whatever you decide to grill.
  • Two Steel Cooking Plates. Weber is known for their durable cooking plates, which can withstand even the heaviest cuts of meat.
  • Four Air Vents. Three of the air vents are placed on the sides of the smoker with the final one on top of the grill.
  • Built-In Lid Thermometer. The thermometer is built into the lid of the smoker and provides an accurate reading of the temperature inside the grill.
  • Water Bowl. The water bowl is placed under the cooking plate and generates steam to help cook whatever you decide to put in the smoker.  
  • Porcelain-Coated Interior. The porcelain-coated interior allows the smoker to retain more heat and keeps the outside of the unit from getting too hot.
  • Front Access Door. The front access door opens right to the cooking plate, so you can get a quick glance at your food without having to pull off the cover.

Smokey Mountain Weber Charcoal Grill Smoker Pros

  • The smoker holds an even temperature throughout the cooking time, so everything comes out exactly the way you want it to
  • Grill seals up completely so you don’t have to worry about any of the heat escaping and wasting your charcoal
  • Infuses meats and vegetables with strong smoky flavors that aren’t too overpowering
  • Built-in thermometer accurately measures internal temperature so you don’t have to open up the smoker to check on your food
  • Vent placement on all sides allows you to adjust ventilation should the wind start to kick up

Smokey Mountain Weber Charcoal Grill Smoker Cons

  • Front access door can bend easily, which might cause smoke to leak out from the front

Smokey Mountain Weber Charcoal Grill Smoker Pricing


The Smokey Mountain Weber Charcoal Grill Smoker 18” has an MSRP of $349, though it can be found cheaper on many retailer partner sites. For example, the model sells on Amazon for $299 with free shipping.

Portable grills allow you to take your grill just about anywhere, making them perfect for people who love to camp or want to enjoy a day at the beach. Portable grills should be lightweight and easy to transport while offering all of the grilling flavors.

Weber has a few portable grill options, but for this review, we chose the Go Anywhere Charcoal Grill for its ease of use while on the road.

Go Anywhere Weber Charcoal Grill Features

  • Rectangular Steel Cooking Grate. The plated steel cooking grate provides an impressive 160 square inches of grilling area, so you can cook a full meal in no time. Weber grates are very durable and are highly resistant to rusting.
  • Tuck-N-Carry Lid Lock. The Tuck-N-Carry lid lock securely wraps around the grill for easy transport. When it’s time to cook, you can convert the lock into two secure legs to keep the grill in place.
  • Glass-Reinforced Nylon Handle. The handle is made of a glass-reinforced handle that is designed to quickly disperse heat, so you won’t burn yourself when it’s time to open the lid. There are also two handles on the side for easy carrying.
  • 2 Adjustable Vents. There are two adjustable vents that sit on the top of the Go Anywhere grill. Each vent has three holes that let out steam and help regulate internal temperature.
  • Porcelain-Enameled Coating. The porcelain coating helps to contain heat and also keeps the grill protected from rust.

Go Anywhere Weber Charcoal Grill Pros

  • Made of extremely durable materials that can last well over 20 years
  • Relatively large cooking area for a small portable grill
  • Easy to transport with the Tuck-N-Carry lid that converts to durable steel legs
  • Perfect for camping, tailgating, or just grilling on the go

Go Anywhere Weber Charcoal Grill Cons

  • Front access door can bend easily, which might cause smoke to leak out from the front
Weber Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill
  • Holds up to six burgers made with a Weber burger press
  • Compact and lightweight for grilling on the go
  • Porcelain-enameled lid and base retain heat, and won't rust or peel

Go Anywhere Weber Charcoal Grill Pricing

Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill

The Go Anywhere Weber Charcoal Grill has an MSRP of $54.99, but can be found on sites such as Amazon for as low as $49.99.

If you’re serious about barbeque, you’re going to want a grill that can handle anything you throw at it.

Professional grills should act as a fully functioning backyard kitchen with all of the functions you need to cook just about anything.

For the professional category, we liked the Summit Charcoal Grilling Center for its heavy-duty features that can keep up with the best barbeque chefs.

Summit Weber Charcoal Grilling Center Features

  • Dual Position Charcoal Grate. The charcoal grate is what keeps the charcoal over the cooking area and has two different settings for your desired grilling style. You can set the grate low for smoking, or set it high for searing.
  • 24” Stainless Steel Cooking Grate. This extra large cooking grate has a total of 452 inches of cooking space. This is more than enough room to cook an entire meal for the whole family or cook up burgers and hot dogs for a large party.
  • Double Walled for Insulation. The Summit Weber Charcoal Grilling Center is made with a double-walled, porcelain-enameled US steel body. When grilling with the cover on, air is trapped between the two walls, allowing the grill to maintain heat for up to 12 hours.
  • Rapidfire Lid Damper. The ventilation damper on the top of the grill has a hinged design that allows you to open it up for increased airflow. It also has a traditional side-to-side dial that allows for precise temperature control. There are additional three vents on the bottom of the grill.
  • Gas Ignition. The Snap-Jet gas ignition system uses a 16 oz propane tank to help heat up your grill quicker. Using the gas ignition will cut down preheat time down to 15 minutes, nearly half the time it normally takes with other heating methods. It also provides a more even heating, so there will be less cold spots on the cooking surface.
  • Built-In Lid Thermometer. The built-in lid thermometer gives you an accurate temperature reading from inside the grill. This allows you to monitor the grill’s internal temperature without having to open the lid and risk letting heat escape.
  • Aluminum Ash Catcher. The Summit Weber Charcoal Grilling Center has an ash catcher at the bottom of the grill for simple cleanup with the One-Touch Cleaning System. Use the metal sweeps to push the air into the collection pot, which can be removed so you can dump the ash into the trash.
  • Large Grilling Center Cart. There is a large cart attached to the Summit Weber Charcoal Grilling Center that gives you adequate workspace for meal prep. The table is made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean and resistant to rust. The cart also has a bottom wire rack for accessories, and a charcoal storage container.
  • Gourmet BBQ System. Weber’s Gourmet BBQ System uses a specially designed hinged cooking grate that can be replaced with one of the five alternative grill surfaces available for purchase. There’s an attachment for a pizza stone, sear grate, griddle, poultry roaster, and wok cooking surfaces.

Summit Weber Charcoal Grilling Center Pros

  • Grills meats and vegetables perfectly, with even cooking that won’t dry out your food
  • Smoker cooks evenly and infuses foods a strong smoky flavor that isn’t overpowering
  • Large grilling space lets you cook entire meals at once
  • Heat retains well thanks to the double-walled insulation, which reduces cooking time
  • Compatible with all of the accessories in the Gourmet BBQ System, which are sold separately

Summit Weber Charcoal Grilling Center Cons

  • Expensive grill that may not be in everyone’s price range
  • Slight learning curve for those who aren’t used to professional grills

Weber Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill
  • Holds up to six burgers made with a Weber burger press
  • Compact and lightweight for grilling on the go
  • Porcelain-enameled lid and base retain heat, and won't rust or peel

Summit Weber Charcoal Grilling Center Pricing

Summit® Charcoal Grilling Center 24"

The Go Anywhere Weber Charcoal Grill has an MSRP of $54.99, but can be found on sites such as Amazon for as low as $49.99.

Our final category is for those backyard grillers who want the classic grilling experience, but have a lot of mouths to feed.

For this category, we picked the Ranch Kettle Charcoal Grill, which has one of the largest cooking surfaces available in a Weber grill.

This grill has more than enough space to cook for an army and will retain heat throughout a full day of grilling.

Ranch Kettle Weber Charcoal Grill Features

  • 37” Grilling Grate. The Ranch Kettle Charcoal grill has an absolutely massive 1104-square-inch cooking area on a stainless-steel hinged cooking grate. Weber is well known for their durable grates, so you can keep cooking on the same surface for years to come.
  • Porcelain-Enameled Stainless Steel Body. This grill is made of a premium-grade U.S. stainless steel covered in porcelain. The enamel coating helps to regulate heat and also keeps the stainless steel from wearing or developing rust.
  • Glass-Reinforced Nylon Handle. There are two glass-reinforced nylon handles on the Range Kettle Weber Charcoal lid, one on top and one on the front. These handles are made to resist heat, reducing the risk of burns.
  • Tuck-Away Lid. The tuck-away lid holder is located on the back of the grill and allows you to store the lid while using the surface of the grill.
  • Removable Ash Catcher. The ash catcher underneath the grill allows for easy ash disposal. To remove the ash, open the vent at the bottom of the grill to dump it into the ash catcher. The ash catcher can be removed and replaced for no-fuss cleanup.

Ranch Kettle Weber Charcoal Grill Pros

  • Large cooking surface lets you cook just about anything and can fit about 15 rib-eye steaks
  • Can create convection-style heat circulation by placing charcoal on one side and food on the other for an even cook
  • Porcelain-coated steel is durable enough to last a lifetime, and some customers claim they have used the same grill Weber grill for over 20 years
  • Lid holder is a great addition, especially when the only alternative is to place the lid on the dirty ground

Ranch Kettle Weber Charcoal Grill Cons

  • Relatively expensive price tag, so it’s not worth it if you’re not grilling all the time
  • May not need to use the whole cooking area all the time
  • Ranch Kettle Weber Charcoal Grill Pricing

    Ranch Kettle Weber Charcoal Grill

    The Ranch Kettle Weber Charcoal Grill has an MSRP of $1499, which is relatively expensive for a simple charcoal grill.

    However, most retailers such as Amazon and Target sell this grill for a discounted price of $1299.

    Weber 60020 The Ranch Charcoal Kettle Grill
    • Porcelain-enameled lid and bowl retain heat, and won't rust or peel
    • Premium-quality stainless steel grate is hinged for easily adding charcoal while grilling
    • Slide the lid into the Tuck-Away lid holder on the side of the grill to avoid placing it on the ground

    Our Final Thoughts on the Weber Charcoal Grill Series

    Weber is a well-known name in the grill industry, and has been providing customers with high quality grills and equipment since 1951. Weber grills are extremely durable, so they’ll last for years with the proper cleaning and maintenance.

    No matter what kind of grilling you want to do, there is a Weber charcoal grill that’s right for you.