Gevalia Coffee Maker Review And Overview


Gevalia Coffee Maker Review

Coffee is one of America’s favorite beverages. It can be found in homes and business offices across the world with no indication of the booming industry stopping anytime soon. One of the most recent innovations in coffee making are the single cup coffee makers that have been popular in recent years.

Gevalia kaffe

The Gevalia coffee maker is a potential option in single cup coffee makers that are available for purchase. This article will be an overview and review of the Gevalia coffee maker by presenting a wide range basic information about the coffee maker, assessing past reviews, and presenting our own verdict about the coffee maker.

How We Gathered Our Information

This article is not intended to sway opinions one way or the other, but rather present fair and truthful information about the Gevalia coffee maker based upon consumer and expert reviews and information provided by the company.

Our reviews are not sponsored by any company or brand and are intended to aid in thoughtful decision-making before purchasing a product.

What is a Gevalia Coffee Maker and How Do They Work?

Gevalia coffee makers operate by making one cup of coffee at a time. The user must first place a cup beneath the faucet of the coffee maker and then select the appropriate size of the cup on the interface. By inserting a flavor pod or “flavor disk” into the top portion of the machine, the water can filter through the top of the pod and begin to brew the coffee.

how to operate a coffee maker
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The science of coffee makers can be a little complicated, but nevertheless fascinating. In both traditional drip coffee makers and single serve coffee makers operate by using a complex mix of parts to create a functional coffee maker, including a one-way valve, water reservoir, heating elements, and more.

After pouring water into the reservoir and inserting the flavor disk, the internal heating system activates by a switch and water flows through the main one-way valve and begins to boil. The water spreads across the coffee beans in the machine and evenly spread over coffee beans. The mixed water and coffee then drips into the main pot and collects until the coffee is finished and it’s ready to enjoy!

What is the Average Price for a Gevalia Coffee Maker?

The price of the Gevalia coffee maker completely depends on the model. There are only two models currently available of the Gevalia coffee maker: the Tassimo T55 and the Tassimo T47. Both retail for $139.99 and have different features that make them unique, though nothing too incredibly drastic.

As for how the price compares to similar models from other brands, it is a little pricy for the basic functions it has, but is not outrageous.

Where are Gevalia Coffee Makers Sold?

Gevalia coffee makers are available directly on the Gevalia website. They are also sold at some home appliance stores, or stores that sell home appliance products – including Home Depot, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Target, and other similar stores. It is also sold through the e-commerce store Wayfair and delivery giant Amazon.

You may also find Gevalia coffee makers sold through secondary sellers such as on the Facebook marketplace, eBay, Amazon marketplace sellers, and many more venues. However, always use caution when purchasing something from an unauthorized dealer, as warranties are not typically extended to customers buying these products secondhand.

What are the Features of the Gevalia Coffee Maker?

Both coffee makers feature similar technology and look very similar in design. Here are some of the features on the Gevalia coffee maker that both models possess:

  • Intellibrew™ Barcode Technology
  • Quick brewing averaging at one minute
  • Fits a variety of different cup sizes
  • Solid black color
  • Compatible with many flavors of K Cups and flavor disks

What are the Different Models of the Gevalia Coffee Maker and Add-On Accessories?

There are currently only two coffee makers available from Gevalia: the Tassimo T47 and the Tassimo T55.

The Tassimo T47 comes with the trademarked Intellibrew™ Barcode Technology that claims to automatically level the amount of time, temperature, and water the coffee maker uses. An average beverage made with this coffee maker is ready within a minute without any preheat time necessary. Most cups, including travel mugs, fit within the chamber for easy use. The T47 is in a very round shape.

Bosch TAS4702UC Tassimo T47 Beverage System and Coffee Brewer
  • Customize your beverages with a single touch of a button
  • Instant heat-up and fast first cup
  • Noise reduction system for quiet preparation of beverages

The Tassimo T55 also comes with the Intellibrew™ Barcode Technology that is slightly more advanced than in the T47 model, featuring the ability to scan each T DISC. This model in particular uses low energy consumption and a quieter brew. As opposed to the T47 model, the T55 is a more squared off model.

Both models only come in a matte black color, making the color options extremely limited and not very exciting. Although, if someone is looking for a basic black colored coffee maker, then the Gevalia may be a good fit.

Bosch TAS5542UC Tassimo T55 Beverage System and Coffee Brewer
  • Customize your beverages with a single touch of a button
  • Instant heat-up and fast first cup
  • Noise reduction system for quiet preparation of beverages

What Makes the Gevalia Coffee Maker Different from Other Coffee Makers?

Gevalia somewhat competes with the Keurig brand of coffee maker, though more detail will be given for that later in the article. Other competitors include every other brand that sells both single cup coffee makers and traditional drip coffee makers as well. It is much different from a standard drip coffee maker in regards to how much product it can make at once.

However, it is hard to pinpoint what makes this product any different from all other copycat Keurig-type machines. Sure, it has patented technologies and offers an impressive fast brewing rate, but it does not stand out from other coffee makers on the market today.

What Have Past Customers Said?

Customer feedback about individual models can be found directly on the site beneath the specific coffee maker page. On both models, the reviews average at four stars on the Gevalia website.

For the T47, the pros reported by the customers include the quick brewing time and a consistent, quality brew. As for the cons, some people wrote that their machine broke within the month, even the year. Fortunately, whenever there are customer complaints, most get custom responses from Gevalia representatives with a prompt to call the customer service line and a promise to help fix the problem.

However, customers reporting their experiences on Consumer Reports have a much different experience, with an unusually large amount of one star reviews on the T47 model. Users reported the pros of the T47 include its durability, its nice style, it’s easy to use design, and how easy it is to clean. The cons reported include that it is loud, has limited features, and may grow mold.

As for the T55 model, the reviews are also mixed. Though it has achieved an overall rating of four stars, it is a steady mixture of either five or one star reviews. Some reviews praise the model while others claim that their machine broke or never functioned after purchase. One review notes that their machine cannot properly read the flavor disks and will not function.

Like the T47, Gevalia has also made an effort to respond to the T55 negative reviews reporting problems with their customer service line.

Even with the offer of customer service consistently on their website, that has not absolved all of the issues that users report. As a matter of fact, it sometimes has made the problem worse.

The reviews reported on Consumer Affairs – not to be confused with Consumer Reports, though both sites compare and contrast appliances – are particularly atrocious, especially in regards to their online payment system and subscriptions where there seems to be an overwhelming amount of trouble. One review notes that their free shipping on subscription orders of coffee flavor pods have not been going through, complications with credit cards, and other issues involving payment plans that had gone smoothly with sudden extra charges appearing on bill statements.

There are not many reviews though Consumer Reports about the product itself, but rather the quality of Gevalia's customer service. The phone line is not described in a very positive light, many reviews noting long waits and poor rapport with customer care representatives. Many do make note that the products themselves (the coffee and coffee makers) are not of bad quality, tasting and working up to par.

What Do the Experts Say?

An expert review from Consumer Reports noted that the Gevalia coffee maker was not the most impressive single serve coffee maker that they tested, but the review was for an older and presumably retired model. Though the quality of the machine was rated lower than probably desired, the pros determined that the coffee was less than desirable, adding that it had “notes of plastic” in the flavor.

The same model was criticized for malfunctioning within the first few minutes of plugging it into the electrical outlet and still not working after three attempts at use. Again, this was a review for an older model that does not seem to be sold through official retailers any longer, so it may not be a proper expert reflection on the current models. Even so, it does not present a good image of the brand’s coffee makers overall.

The Gevalia also fails to appear on “Best Of” lists, consistently beat out by brands such as Keurig, Cuisinart, Bonavita, and more coffee maker giants. Even without expressly mentioning it, it seems that experts have snubbed the Gevalia brand of coffee makers without needing to explicitly say that they do.

The Final Verdict

The Gevalia coffee maker is a very basic appliance. It does not offer anything particularly more special than other single cup coffee makers, but seems to still be sought out as a popular and viable option as a Keurig alternative.

Gevalia has a much wider range of accessories on their site than they do coffee makers, mostly silicon travel cups, coffee pod refills, glass cups, and other home appliance accessories. They of course also sell the flavor pods for their coffee makers. Gevalia even offers a waffle maker!

We can’t conclude this review without once again mentioning Keurig more in-depth.  At first glance, Keurig seems like a competitor of Keurig, but Gevalia offers plenty of coffee pod options with Keurig’s namesake attached to it, making it appear as if they have a business partnership. So while they may not be big competitors, they both offer very different single cup coffee makers with very different perceptions.

As opposed to Keurig, Gevalia has a very humble selection of single cup coffee makers. There are only two models currently available and they are really not too much different from each other. Both of the Gevalia coffee makers are even the same price and almost indistinguishable besides the updated exterior design of the T55. The differences are very minor.

If you are deciding between the T47 and the T55, we recommend the T55 since it is a newer, updated model for the same price as the older T47 model.

While neither model is a bad investment, if you are looking for a brand with a variety of different options, then Gevalia’s brand may not be right for you. If you want a coffee maker experience without the fuss of finding one with a bunch of unknown patented technologies, this might be a better fit for you.

Overall, the Gevalia coffee maker models may not be the best fit for consistent and high-quality coffee due to too many customer and expert complaints about the brand.


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