Nuwave Air Fryer Reviews: Everything You Need To Know Before Buying

nuwave air fryer

Do you love to eat French fries? Because if so, then let me tell you this: you are perfectly human.

But in today’s culture, the fries we order at restaurants aren’t just unhealthy, but they are extremely high in saturated fat and covered in fatty acids called omega-6.

In the end, those two ingredients are what causes you to gain weight the fastest when you eat fries.  In fact, that’s why many diets’ primary goal is to reduce the intake of these bad fats, loads of sugars, and too many carbs.

But, what if you didn’t have to worry about gaining weight when you eat fries, or any other comfort food that is supposedly made up of all these unhealthy substances?

Well, apparently you can...when you make them yourself.

You have probably seen all of those advertisements for deep fryers, air fryers, fries’ makers, and other products that help you make your own homemade comfort foods.

But do most of these products actually take out the unhealthy, fatty, weight gain promoting ingredients?

The Nuwave Air Fryer is one of these products that help you make fried foods from your home, but without using any of the oil that makes these foods so unhealthy, greasy, and fatty.

But does it actually work? Does it do everything that it says it is going to do? How much does it cost, and is it reasonable? What are other people who have already used it saying about it?

I will be answering all of those questions and more in this ultimate guide to and review of the Nuwave Air Fryer.

Honesty is Important to Us

As I am writing this review, I have one thing in mind: you.

I completely understand that you are simply trying to find the right product for you and one that will meet your needs, whether it be the Nuwave Air Fryer or not.  So, you can be sure of one thing: this is a false advertisement free zone.

I feel that it is my responsibility to not only provide you with the facts about what the product does, about also tell you how it works in order to give you those things.  I also promise to always do my best to give you a completely realistic view of the product I am reviewing.

There are never only pros to a product, there are always the cons as well, whether it be one or many.  But regardless of number, it is important for you to know about all of them.

In addition to all of that, my recommendation is also based on pricing.  Is it convenient to you as a potential buyer? Does it give you everything your money is worth? Is it a fair price or an unreasonable cost?

And finally, you can 100% trust that I am writing this review with a completely unbiased opinion.  While my view of the product is based on what the product does and how it works, as well as the price, the most important factor that greatly influences my opinion of it is in the customer reviews.

So, while there may not be such a thing as a perfect air fryer, there is a right one for you out there somewhere, and I am ready to help you find it.

Are you ready to see if the Nuwave Air Fryer is the right one for you?

What is the Nuwave Air Fryer?

Nuwave Air Fryer in cook

So, what exactly is the Nuwave Air Fryer and what all does it do?

First of all, the Nuwave Air Fryer is designed to cook and fry your food in a healthy manner without requiring you to use any oil or grease.

In order to do that, you simply put your foot into a removable basket that it comes with that is nonstick, and then stick it back in for cooking.  In order to fully cook and fry your food in the healthiest way possible, the Nuwave Air Fryer uses heat along with a high speed air circulation.

The air fryer also comes with a removable nonstick drawer, 1300W total power, and of course, the nonstick food basket which is 3 qt.

Furthermore, the nonstick drawer and food baskets are 100 percent dishwasher safe, meaning you can wash it out with ease after every use.

The Nuwave Air Fryer does allow you to determine which temperature you want to set it on in order to cook your food the best.  The lowest temperature setting is 100 degrees (Fahrenheit) and the highest is 400 degrees (Fahrenheit).

Additionally, these heat settings come with five-degree heat increments.

To make heating up your air fryer a bit smoother, the Nuwave Air Fryer also includes an auto preheat feature, which can be activated through the touchpad LED controls.

This touchpad LED control also allows you to set a timer for how long you wish to cook your food and control the temperatures at which you cook it.  The control makes sure that the timing and temperature is precise enough to cook your food to a gentle crisp.

Additionally, there is a Safety feature that is included in the controls which makes sure that the Nuwave Air Fryer does not turn on or operate without the removable food basket in place.

Finally, the last thing about the Nuwave Air Fryer is that it is ETL listed and comes with a 1-year limited Manufacturer’s Warranty.

How Does the Nuwave Air Fryer Work?

Nuwave Air Fryer with food

So now that you know what the Nuwave Air Fryer says that it does, it’s time to take a look at how exactly it’s going to do all of it.

First of all, how does the Nuwave Air Fryer cook your food to the same taste and perfection if it doesn’t use any oil?

The approach that this air fryer takes is much different than others in this matter.  Instead of using oil to deep fry your food, the Nuwave Air Fryer uses heat to make a circulation that will cook your food to the crisp you want it to have.

It also promises to evenly cook your food, meaning that your food won’t be hot in some sections, warm in other parts, and still cold in others, which occurs very commonly even in the microwave.

In order to give your food an even cook and crisp, the Nuwave Air Fryer uses temperature controls on the LED control touchpad to make sure that every part of the fryer is giving nearly the same heat as you have set the controller to.

Additionally, it does not lose heat in the middle of or any time during a deep fry, making it stay at a consistent temperature, which Nuwave believes is the key to deep frying any food to perfection.



Now, it’s time to get to the fun part...pricing.

Let’s be honest with each other: no matter how impressed we are with a certain product, how well it works, or who is selling it, looking at the price tag is one of the biggest make or break moments when we’re considering making the purchase.

So, enough about what the Nuwave Air Fryer does and what’s for.  How much will it cost you?

On Amazon, the Nuwave Air Fryer is being sold for several different prices.  Of course, you have the option of buying it used, but when we are looking at cooking supplies that will be touching all of the food you put in your mouth, it is definitely best if you purchase it new.

So, on Amazon, this product is being sold for new at two drastically different prices: one at only USD99.81 with only a penny extra for shipping, while the other is being sold for a whopping USD132.99 with an extra USD21 for shipping.

And finally, on the Nuwave company’s official website, you can order the Nuwave Air Fryer online directly from them and instead of paying a one time price, you make 3 easy payments of USD33.33, which is a few dollars over the lowest listing on Amazon.

So, if you prefer paying multiple small payments, then it would be more recommended to buy the Nuwave Air Fryer directly from Nuwave.

Or, if you like a one-time payment for the same product and in new condition, then Amazon would probably suit your fancy.

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What Others Think About It

woman thinking

The thing that I said shaped my views about any product the most is the customer reviews and what the previous buyers are saying about the product after they have used it.

In my opinion, there is no better way to be convinced to be a product or to not buy a product than by reading the complaints and the compliments left by previous customers.

So now that you know everything about what Nuwave has to say about its air fryer, what are the people who actually bought it from them thinking about it?

Is the product’s description true and accurate? Does the company treat its customers well? Are others recommending you to buy it, too?

On Amazon, the Nuwave Air Fryer has an overall rating of 4 stars out of a maximum of 5, which has been left by over 600 customer reviews.

Although it isn’t quite 5 stars, it is still a very impressive rating, and a lot of opinions have been made about it.

One particularly happy customer gave the Nuwave Air Fryer a 5-star review, saying that they cooked veggies in it on the first night they got it and they turned out absolutely great without any greasy feel or texture to them.  They also reported that they cooked a pound cake in it, and it only took 20 minutes, which was half the time that it normally takes.

Another customer said in their review that they absolutely love it and that it has helped them become a more health conscious person and a healthier eater, as they no longer eat oily, greasy, and fatty foods as much as they used to because of the Nuwave Air Fryer.  They said that the quality is great and it is far from cheaply made and was worth every penny that they spent on it.  In the end, this happy customer also left the product with a 5-star review.

However, a rather upset customer then warns that when buying from a third-party seller voids the warranty.  They said that it lasted them 8 months and that while it did last, they absolutely loved using it and it worked like it said it would, but it finally died.  When it died, they called Nuwave about the warranty but they refused to honor it, saying that if you buy it from Amazon and from a third-party seller, the warranty is then voided.  Instead, the customer recommends purchasing it directly from Nuwave so that the warranty is in fact included.

This says a lot of things in my opinion: first of all, the product description on Amazon says that it included the 1-year warranty.  In my opinion, this means that the description was not accurate or honest.

All of the other 1-star rating reviews that I have found all complained of the same thing: the product eventually breaking.

What I Think About It

In my opinion, after reading the customer reviews, I think very highly of the product itself.  It seems as if it was made with very good quality, and it worked very well for nearly all of the customers, even if they left a 1-star review.

However, I feel that there is much room for Amazon and Nuwave to improve themselves.  If there really is no warranty included in third party listings on Amazon, then the description of the product should not say that it is.

But even though I was a bit disappointed with the honesty and integrity of the two companies involved, I still highly recommend the Nuwave Air Fryer.

It has helped so many people, it has worked for practically all of them, and even if it broke in the end it lasted a long time.

However, if the warranty is really important to you, then I definitely recommend you make the purchase directly from Nuwave themselves instead of from a third-party seller on Amazon.


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