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Review – A Look at the Paula Deen Air Fryer

A few years ago there was some major controversy over some words Paul Deen said many years ago. Now that she has cleared her reputation, it's time to start investing in some great products with her name on them again, including a Paula Deen Air Fryer (there's more than one option).

Who Is Paula Deen?

Paula Deen

From TV cooking shows to cookbooks, Paula Deen is a chef known for her southern cooking skills. Cooking was basically an outlet to deal with some grief she suffered in her twenties. It led to an amazing career – which hit a brick wall momentarily.

In 2016, Deen found her way back on television with her show Positively Paula. Her name dons numerous kitchen gadget and other products one needs in their kitchen. From pots and pans to mixing bowls, you can emulate the great Paul Deen's cooking right in your own kitchen.

What Is an Air Fryer?

air fryer illustration

Before you learn why the Paula Dead Air Fryer is a great choice, you may want to know more about what air fryers are and why you might want to invest in one. Most people think that air fryers are magic because they fry foot without a tub full of oil.

Air fryers are great for people that are watching their diets and trying to cut out fats and fried foods. It's a kitchen device that mimics the acts of a fryer without all the fat. It uses hot air to give you crispy fries and golden fried chicken.

The hot air circulates around the food inside the fryer, evenly heating the item(s) all the way around using rapid-air and targeted heat.  Fry times vary depending on what you're cooking, and the fryer basically works like an oven (it's similar technology) – though cook times between the oven and your air fryer will also differ.  The idea is to mimic the results you'd get from frying foods (so it's not good for broiling, roasting or toasting – or not all of them are anyway), without all the grease.

You get the same crispy result and crunchy foods you love from the air fryer that you do from traditional one, without all that extra oil. You can use it for fresh foods and frozen.

A Look at the Paula Deen Air Fryer

You have a couple of main choices right now when it comes to the Paula Deen Air Fryer – it just depends on what size you want.  There is a 1700W fryer at 5.3 quarts and one at 8.5 quarts. They are the XL and XXL air fryers, and they have some great specs.

Paula Deen 1700W 5.3 Quart Air Fryer

Paula Deen 1700W 5.3 Quart Air Fryer

Paula Deen 1700W 8.5 Quart Air Fryer

Paula Deen 1700W 8.5 Quart Air Fryer

What People are Saying About Paula Deen Air Fryers

group of people talking

As with any product, some people love the Paula Deen Air Fryer, and some people have nothing good to say about it. However, upon a little research, it seems that the β€œlikes” outweigh the dislikes. There are even people giving it ten out of five stars.

Here are a few important things that stood out online in all kinds of reviews of these Paul Deen Air Fryer products –

What You Can Cook in the Paul Deen Air Fryer

They're Easy to Clean

It Keeps Your Home Cool

They Keep Getting Bigger

Easy to Use Settings

It's Fun to Use

It Looks Good

They're Always Improving

As you've read here, there are a lot of great things about these fryers. The best thing is that it adds one more healthy gadget to your kitchen – you will be able to cut down on how much oil you're putting in your diet and give you a chance to cut down on unhealthy fats.

Supplementing Your Paul Deen Air Fryer

No products found.

If you'd like to try to get the most out of your Paula Deen Air Fryer, you should invest in one of Paula Deen's air fryer cookbooks. Paula Deen's Air Fryer Cookbook is a collection of some of Paula Deen's favorite recipes to make in the air fryer. While you don't have to purchase a Paula Deen β€œspecific” cookbook to accompany your fryer, it will give you some fun meals to experiment with as you learn the joy of using air fryers.

The Paula Deen Air Fryer Cookbook contains 150 recipes, all of them are tried and true Paula Deen recipes converted to be made right in your new air fryer. From appetizers and meals to dessert recipes, there's a little bit of everything in this cookbook.

If you're not sure that you're ready to commit to a $20 plus cookbook, you can visit Paul Deen's website and find a few delicious air fryer recipes to try out for free.

Why Do You Need an Air Fryer in Your Kitchen?

From health benefits to general benefit, here is a final roundup of the reason why you'll want to invest in a Paul Deen Air Fryer –

  • You can cook lower-fat meals for your family, or just for yourself.
  • The ceramic used on the inside makes it easy to clean up after your meals are finished cooking. You'll be left with less of a mess and fewer dishes to wash.
  • You need no oil at all – your meal cooks evenly (no matter the ingredients) using hot air only.
  • No more fried oil stinking up your home – even cooking fish smells better.
  • You can use this device to cook nearly anything your heart desires, even entire meals.
  • It frees up your day, and you spend less time slaving over a hot oven.
  • You can even cook meals faster in the air fryer than in other kitchen gadgets, like crockpots.
  • You'll no longer need to stand around waiting for your oil fryer to heat up – the air fryer cuts down on your cook time.
  • Air fryer are worth every single penny – just make sure you read the reviews and find the right one for you.

A Few Final Word About the Paula Deen Air Fryer

If you're trying to eat healthier and you like making your own food at home, the Paul Deen Air Fryer is an excellent investment for your kitchen, for your health, and for your family. You will find that you can enjoy fried food without all the grease and oil, and without all of the fat. You'll love the results, and like many other users, you'll cook nearly everything in your air fryer.

Ease of Use
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