Todd English Air Fryer Review

Air fryers are one of the newest innovative appliances on the market today. There are many different types and brands that offer air fryers in their product line-up, but some are more appealing than others.

One example is the Todd English air fryer. This article will give a detailed description of what air fryers are, how they work, available models of the Todd English air fryer, an analysis of customer feedback, and more. While it is always important to do your own research before purchasing a new appliance, we hope that by doing most of the hard work for you that you will be confident with making an informed decision.  

What is an Air Fryer and How Do They Work?

An air fryer, unlike a typical fryer, uses the circulation of hot air in order to “fry” food. Air fryers are appealing as a healthier alternative to typical fryers by reducing the total fat and calorie content in food without sacrificing the taste. It only takes a very small amount of oil to create the desired product. It can cook anything from fries to something as large as an entire chicken.

Unlike regular ovens or fryers, air fryers are compact and can easily fit on a countertop. Many are in a rounded shape. They use rapid air technology to cook the food thoroughly and evenly. The first air fryer is claimed to be created by Philips with their Philips Airfryer XXL model and have expanded with many different updated models since then.

What is the Average Price for an Air Fryer?

Air fryers can be priced anywhere from around USD50 up to USD200 depending on the features and the model. Todd English air fryers range in price from around USD80 up to USD200.

Where are Air Fryers Sold?

Air fryers are sold at any home goods or appliance stores such as Walmart, Target, J.C. Penny, Best Buy, and more. They are also available on e-commerce retailers such as Amazon, Evine, and more.

Consumers can also track them down wherever used electronics are sold such as the Facebook Marketplace and other social media. Keep in mind to always practice common sense safety when purchasing from unauthorized retailers.

What is the Todd English Air Fryer?

This air fryer was created by Todd English, a celebrity best known for his success as a professional chef. According to his website, he established several award-winning restaurants, has written four cookbooks, and has been recognized for his work internationally. English has an entire line of cookware products, such as nonstick pans, soup pots, grill pans, induction cookers, and of course, the air fryer.

The Todd English Air Fryer is a compact and fairly lightweight and comes with a variety of accessories. They are exclusively available through the e-commerce website Evine, making them not as readily available as other brands of air fryers.

English has also written a cookbook with air fryer recipes that is sold separately from the air fryer. It retails for USD21.99 and has recipes that can work in all air fryers.

What are the Features of the Todd English Air Fryer?

The air fryers all come in a variety of different neutral and fun colors, including black, blue, copper, gray, and red – though it depends on the model desired. All of the air fryers have a digital interface with level adjustments for easy use. All of the models come with extra accessories that vary by each product, while some come with extra accessories available with an additional purchase.

Each model comes in a different size, the smallest able to handle 3.3 quarts while the biggest can handle up to 9.8 quarts.

What are the Different Models of the Todd English Air Fryer and Add-On Accessories?

Todd English 1500W 9.8 qt Multi-Function Digital Air Fryer & Rotisserie

Todd English 1500W 9.8 qt Multi Function Digital Air Fryer & Rotisserie

This model holds 9.8 quarts and uses 1,500 watts of power. It is made from both steel and plastic, but has a stainless steel inner cooking area that claims to speed up the cooking process. There is a digital control panel that is easy to use and an internal light to check on the status of your food at any time.

This model retails at USD200.00 and comes in five different colors, including black, blue, copper, gray, and red. It boasts an easy cleaning experience and six cooking functions, including air frying, toasting, baking, maintaining warmth, broiling, and roasting. It comes with a limited one-year warranty that can be activated by calling the company number. However, this model is currently sold out on the site and it is unknown when or if they will be making a return.

Todd English 1500W 9.8 qt Digital Air Fryer Oven w/ Rotisserie and Dual Basket System

This model is essentially the same as the previously mentioned model, but has a dual basket system and has oven capabilities. It used to retail for USD200.00, but is now listed at USD142.99. The downside? It is currently sold out as well.

Todd English 1500W 9.8 qt Digital Air Fryer Oven w/ Rotisserie and Dual Basket System

Todd English 9.8 qt Digital Air Fryer 15-Piece Accessory Set​​

This is not an air fryer, but the extra accessories that can be purchased for a 9.8 Quart model of the Todd English air fryer. The accessories expand on the capabilities of the air fryer by adding a cake, baking, and pizza pan. But that’s not all; the set also includes a steam rack, a rolling cage, and a dual rack meant for grilling.

However, just like the 9.8 Quart model, its accessories are also sold out for the time being, though you can get updates on when the product will be back in stock.

Todd English 1500W 3.3 qt Touchscreen Digital Air Fryer w/ Carbon Filter & Accessory Set

Todd English 1500W 3.3 qt Touchscreen Digital Air Fryer w/ Carbon Filter & Accessory Set

The 3.3 Quart model features a space-saving design, an LCD display panel, an adjustable timer, removable filter to control overbearing scents, an aluminum basket, seven cooking settings, and uses forced convection to cook meals. There are seven extra items that come with the 3.3 Quart model, including a fry basket, one carbon filter, removable heating chamber, air fryer housing, a steam rack, a baking pan, and an instruction manual.

This model comes in nine different colors, ranging from neutral to exciting bold ones. It comes in blue, red, pink, gray, plum, white, merlot, black, and pink. With this model, this is no need to purchase an extra accessory kit, as it already comes with all of the accessories available for the model. Unfortunately, like the 9.8 Quart model, this model is currently sold out on the site.

Todd English 1700W 5.8 qt Touchscreen Digital Air Fryer w/ Steam Rack & Bake Pan

The Todd English 1700 watt 5.8 Quart model includes the air fryer itself, a cooking basket, a baking pan, a heating chamber, and an instruction booklet. It features a touch screen digital interface, a space-saving design, a bell notification to alert when food is finished, adjustable cooking time, and fast cooking capabilities.

This model comes in seven different colors, including blue, red, gray, plum, merlot, copper, and black, providing a good range of colors for all kinds of possibilities.

Once again, like all of the other products listed, this item is sold out on Evine. It is unknown if and when it will restock, but there is an option to be updated on when it will happen on the product page.  

Where Can the Todd English Air Fryer be Purchased?

The primary retailer of the air fryer is the e-commerce store Evine, though some models may be for sale on resale websites. However, there may be models available for sale that have been in prior use.

What Makes the Todd English Air Fryer Different from Other Air Fryers?

Besides being designed by Todd English, there are a few other things that make the Todd English air fryer a unique choice from other air fryers. But first, let’s talk about its competitors and predecessors.

Philips HD9220/28 Viva Airfryer

Todd English’s competing brands include Philips, Chef di Cucina, Dash, Chefman, and more. Philips is the brand that boasts the original design of the air fryer, launching the Philips HD9220/28 Viva Airfryer and other models that started the air fryer revolution. The Philips HD9220/28 Viva Airfryer is no longer available, but newer generations are available on the market.

As opposed to the original Philips HD9220/28 Viva Airfryer with 800 grams of cooking space, the Todd English air fryer has 9.8 quarts of cooking space available.

The Todd English air fryer also comes with accessories included, as opposed to the Philips model that requires an additional purchase to receive accessories such as the food separator, baking pan, and double layer rack.  However, there are extra accessories available for Todd English models to purchase as well.

What Have Past Customers Said?

You have to find reviews and feedback about Todd English’s air fryer from other sources other than their website and their retailer Evine, as there are no reviews listed on either site. Though there is an option to leave reviews, none have yet been published.

 There are limited reviews from home appliance websites, but it is unknown if they are unbiased, honest reviews. Some expert reviews are also available, as we will detail below

What Do the Experts Say?

It is easy to think that just because a product has an internationally-acclaimed chef’s name on it that it should be top quality. But sometimes, that isn’t the case. But for the most part, other appliance reviewers mention that all of the current Todd English models are fairly efficient, though have a good mix of pros and cons.

The most consistent complaint about the air fryers are their limited one-year warranty. A review notes that the 3.3 Quart model contains a badly written instruction guide and a very small basket, but applauds its digital interface and fast cooking time.

The same review notes that the 9.8 Quart model is incredibly noisy, but has a high capacity and an easy to use rotator function and other options that make the product multi-functional. Overall, the review reported that the air fryers were of good quality and a nice addition to any kitchen.

The Final Verdict

So what do we think? Overall, the product seems to be a fairly popular choice for consumers, as all of the products are currently sold out on Evine. With that said, that means the availability of the product is very limited.

Seeing as it is unclear if new versions of the sold out products will ever be available on the site again, it greatly limits the product as a choice for your home. But if you find the product second-hand, it may be worth a try if you’re looking for something with more than one function.

Each model comes with smart technology and seems straightforward enough to use. The color options for all of the models are outstanding for a home appliance, making it a perfect fit for any home décor needs. Additionally, the wide range of accessories help make the model great for many different cooking needs.

The lack of customer reviews is still a big concern, but considering that every model is sold out and is rated well across several expert review sites, it is safe to say that it is a reasonable and safe choice of air fryer.  

Overall, we do recommend the Todd English air fryer as a viable and good choice for an air fryer.


  1. I have the 9.8 digital airFryer by Todd English. While trying to take out some chicken, I tipped the tray and juice spilled over the glass door. A lot of the juice seeped in between the 2 pieces of glass on the door. It looks awful and I just wanted to know if it can be cleaned in any way. The drip tray is too shallow and I can’t get anything to crisp the way it is shown. There aren’t enough instructions on using this fryer and his cookbook does not show any.


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